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My kid was held back although they told us she was doing better, I don’t think they work with her needs. I do not recommend
Many teachers have one thing they're passionate about and you can really tell in the extra curricular they sponsor.
There are no nurses on the school campus but a physical therapist is available all the time in case of injury in sports as well as rehabilitation programs.
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I would not change my experience for anything. I was extremely motivated in my academics by teachers who instilled a drive in me.
Most teachers go out of their way to make sure their students learn the material. Some classes are more difficult than others but if one asks for help it will be given.
There are multiple extracurricular activities available to students.
In the four years I attended Doral Academy, I never once saw someone being bullied. It's a united school.
I had a wonderful high school experience at Doral.
The teachers at Doral Academy fully commit to their jobs and provide the students with the resources they need to be successful.
the TV Production club is a nationally recognized club that has shined since I have been attending this school, their events are always massive amounts of fun. The soccer team is the spirit of the school and it gathers the entire school for big games in a beautiful environment. I have participated in the Italian Honor Society which was in charge of the Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) that ranked the school 2nd in the state for the most money collected. I also participate in the Doral Talks committee which hosts events that mimic the structure and essence of the Ted Talks, and also hosted one of the first official Tedx event for a South Florida High School.
in my three years at this school, I have encountered 0 altercations and it is partly due to the student body's tolerance for one another and greatly due to administration not shying away from responsible punishment for even the most minute offenses.
I have benefited greatly due to the discipline enforced on the student body from administration. the practice of such discipline was a pivotal turning point in my academic and personal life. The school and it's structure has enabled me to develop into the the scholar thst I am, and prepared me to become the thinker and Doer that I aspire to become through my post-secondary education.
The teachers differ among their corresponding subjects; the higher level teachers (Honors/AP classes) are far more engaged and attempt to develop enticing lessons each and every class, as opposed to the regular teachers whom kind of just let their students "get by." the higher level teachers absolutely provide more and require more from the students for the sake of their knowledge.
I was part of sports such as cheerleading and basketball and it really brought school Spotify and involvement around the school.

I was also part of book club and science club. Both clubs had students involved and learning new things while having fun.
I experienced bullying during my years at doral academy and the faculty took care of the issue and made sure I felt safe afterwards.

Regarding health concerns, seeing as it's a big school I had a broken foot and they made sure to take me on a golf cart when I needed to go to the other side of campus.
What makes doral academy so unique is their effort to provide the students with different programs that correlate with their interests. Whether it may be sports, arts, or education.
The professors at this school are very concerned with teaching students lessons and making sure they graduate. They use real world examples and have different types of classes that will lead you in the right path for college.
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They have multiple Clubs and sports that engage the student body.
They school is well protected ,but t does not have a school nurse and has the occasional cockroach
Coming fro a different environment this school has taught me many things ,and has led me towards the path of greatness.
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