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Doral Academy has opened the doors to many opportunities regarding my future college experience. That being said, it is a school that seems to only aspire to prepare students for college. The overall culture is engaging but not very supportive and the vast amount of students in the school make it hard for the school administration to interact with its students on a more personal level. Of course, I do not regret my time here and I'm very much glad to have had the opportunity to not only study in such a good school but to have also met some pretty remarkable people along the way.
They have a good education for students and lots of variety of sports and clubs. There is a variety of classes to take and Andvanced Plancement and Honors classes if you are very advanced in certain areas.
I am overall happy with where my school has brought me so far and would recommend any student to be admitted here if given the chance.
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Doral Academy is a very good school. The only thing I would change would be the sizes of the classes, there are simply too many students. Everything else is great, there are excellent teachers, the staff is efficient, and the facilities are in great condition.
Doral Academy was very safe. Unlike the movies where you saw popular cliques and bullying in school, DA was free from that. Even then, they went to greta lengths to offer help to those who did find themselves in troublesome situations. Academics/athletics/arts are all good, and a lot of their clubs there win competitions both on a state and national level. The staff are all nice as well, and overall, it's a good school.
I like how it prepared students for college as well as the future after college. It also gives you a very good well-rounded basis on the main subjects like math and science.
Doral Academy Charter High School is a relatively small high school. It has been improved with brand new buildings and parking garages as of the previous year. I had a great experience here as I was challenged by the option of taking advanced courses as well as the challenge of balancing school work with sports. The student population is predominantly Hispanic, but has become more diverse over the last few years. Administration staff has always been caring of students and put them as first priority.
My experience at Doral Academy was pretty good, I made very close connections with a few teachers that helped me whenever I needed. The sport side of Doral Academy is one of the best in the area. I was able to be a part of the Varsity Soccer team and it really helped make close friendships with teammates, the administration is a bit annoying. However, they are just doing their job, but they can be a bit strict in certain things. I would advise that the school gains more than one activities director, the activities director right now is addy Nunez, she has done an amazing job over the years but I believe that a lot of stress would be relieved if there was another activities director to assist her. The clubs are very well organized and the school even has a business program that I had the honor to participate in.
Doral Academy has aided me in understanding a wide variety of subjects. The years I have spent in this school have helped me develop skills crucial to my individual growth. The academics are well organized as well as the large variety of extracurricular activities.
my experience at doral academy has been nothing but fulfilling academically, and also i have had the chance to meet the best teachers who have been the best tutors one could ask in order to prepare for college. The facilities are of exceptional quality, this school also provides students with positively satisfactory classes which help the individual to grow academically.
The best teachers. A very disciplined school. Great education. I came from a public school in where it was chaos. A handful of great teachers and the rest were mediocre at best. But when I made the change to Doral Academy Charter, I automatically understood why they are nationally recognized. They offer great teachers and a great education. Every teacher I had was easily accessed and easily understood. The school felt like I was enrolled in college because of how challenging it was. Also the sports are second to none. When I was enrolled we won 11 district championships. We were also state champions in 3 different sports.
My experience at Doral Academy Charter Highschool has been very good. I got to play for the Varsity soccer team, and got the recognition I deserved. The school is very organized with their classes, teachers, and activities. I have learned everything I was supposed to in all of my classes.
I had a good high school experience, a lot of good teachers and staff that helped me learn a lot and leave me with good memories
It is a good school and it really does push students to do good and really study hard as well as push students to better themselves and be ready for college!
The school is not very hype in any sport except basketball this year. The school spirit is gone and it’s not very fun. The food can’t get any worse like it’s horrible. I bring my own food cause I can’t stand the greasy pizza they give everyday. Academic wise it’s very tough to compete for a B. It can easily ruin your dreams for your future college. The campus is nice as well as the football field. But there are way better options out there
Doral Academy is a great place to learn due to the quality of the teachers. The majority of the teachers truly make the school the great place that it is. The classes can be academically challenging but it prepares one for college.
Like most students, I cannot say I am truly satisfied by the school environment I have been placed in. There seems to always be something missing, something we feel could be done better. However, I must give credit to Doral Academy and its administration for their effort to constantly improve the school's environment for their students by bringing in the best teachers, counselors, and advisors. I truly feel like there is a large group of teachers and mentors who love what they do and are always welcoming hungry minds to come forward. At the end of the day, that is the most important thing any school needs in order to really help students succeed- good teachers to guide them.
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As a new student who barely could not speak English, Doral Academy had welcomed me with a lot of kindness. The professors had helped me during all those four years I spend there. With integrity and respect, Doral Academy had make my high school a wonderful experience far away from home.
Doral Academy is a challenging yet rewarding school. Everyone who attends wants to excell in their future, thereby creating a demanding environment. The only thing I would like to see change is to have a greater degree of understanding within the staff.
I'm currently a student at Doral Academy and I really like this school. It offers many AP courses to choose from, it prepares one for college and has many clubs and activities to take apart of. The high school teachers really do care about their jobs and help their students understand the material when they ask for help.
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