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What I like about my high school, is that they are open to new opportunities. By new opportunities, I mean that they are open to adding new classes and sport activities to keep the kids involved.
I love the staff and our FFA program! I have learned so much from everyone that I have crossed paths with at this school! I am definetely going to miss the people of Dora!
This school is a fantastic place to send your kids it's small it's great for one on one the kids become a family
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Extra activities are good to manage your priorties
Some parents are very involved and others are not
All the teachers at my school are friendly, hardworking and always available to me.
i love it i have been with the same people since 6th grade and i feel as if they are family.
the teachers and very knowledgeable and nice not inculcating helpful
the food to me is gross.
we have bph and FFA but i do wish there was more extracurricular activities.
the school is little so the involvement including the principal the guidance counselors and the office staff is amazing. and dress code including bulling is to be obeyed.
the school is has a lot of school spirit, the gyms are immaculate, team performance is okay but the athletic facilities are good.
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