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Dora High never really has a dull moment. I've always enjoyed being involved in all of the extracurricular activities, like playing sports or being in clubs like FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, Honors Program, BETA, A+ Program, and many others. I feel like because Dora is such a small school that there is a lot more of the 1-on-1 teacher/student relationship, which is a nice thing to have. This allows students and teachers to interact a little better and feel more comfortable in their learning environment. However, Dora is a very sport oriented school, with only a decent level of student "pep" or "spirit" to support the athletics. There are many students that are in many different clubs, but many of them don't really express much interest in actually being involved in them. There are ups and downs to this school, just as there are with any other high school. I've enjoyed my years here, but there are a few things I would change if I could, therefore my overall rating is a 3/5.
The high school principal does a horrible job. He lets ball players get away with whatever they have done wrong. Our counselor is wonderful. She has done a very good job. We a low tolerance for bullies. The dress code has caused multiple controversies but what dress code does not?
I did not play sports nor did I really have any spirit for them. Most of the team and coaches were hateful people.
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The teachers at this school are unbelievably knowledgeable. They teach students well and try to keep us interested. Most of the teachers are very interested in the students. They make sure we are doing fine and try to keep us headed in the right track.
We have multiple clubs here. We have Beta, FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, Art, Music, Science, and Math clubs. Some people only committed to one club. Some were committed to all of them. FFA and FCCLA were the most popular clubs. The administration was only supportive of FFA or the sports players.
I felt that my high school somewhat prepared me for "real life". The counselor my senior year really helped encourage us on what we should do after high school. I chose college because I knew that a high school diploma would not get me very far. I felt somewhat prepared for college.
The food is not very good.
That is what we do here. That's it
You are not aloud to have phones or wear tight pants.
The students run this school. The High School Principal does nothing.
When it comes to needing help with school work you better have a smart friend who knows what they are doing. Some teachers will help you but most will not.
This school doesn't do very much when it comes to Heath and Safety. As long as your not bleeding a lot you don't go see the nurse.
The people here are rude and they don't care about anyone but themselves. This school will not recognize you as a student unless you "play ball". The only thing they care about is sports and as a person who doesn't play sports it's very irritating.
Most of the students don't try so the teachers don't push them any. Compared to the schools around us we don't challenge the students and our test grades are much worse. The average ACT score is 16 for our school and the national average is 21. Academics is not pushed in this school because this school only cares about sports.
They try but they do not stay up with the times. Do not prepare kids for the real world. They assume they will stay around the area.
Has little to no sports or school activities.
It is a small school with no money.
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Sports seam to be the only thing that this school cares about so therefore the sports are very good. Most of the people in this school are in sports and are very supportive.
The food has no flavor. The dont try to make the food taste good in anyway. If you are looking for something that will keep you full for more than an hour you might as welll give up.
Unless you are in sports you are not cared about. You could be the smartest person in school, but if you are not in sports they don't even know your name. The sports people can get away with anything, and no one else can.
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