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I have literally my whole high schools years sat on my phone because our teachers never teach us anything. They either play movies or let us play Kahoot. ACT was a flop because staff is to busy worried about sports. Also, the school smells like sewage a lot.
My experience has been like no other. The teachers are so supportive and is very helpful. I really appreciate the Upward Bound program the is provide. It has helped plenty of student on their act scores and with college acceptance and expenses.
Dora High School has shaped me into the person I am today. The care from the wonderful faculty and the close-knit family of my graduating class makes the homework and pop quizzes all worth it!
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What I liked about Dora High School was the atmosphere. The teachers, coaches, and administration were all very helpful and friendly. There was no possible way you could be anything but happy there.
I love the helpful staff, they have always been right beside me all the way through. I am a junior at Dora High School and I have enjoyed it here very much. Dora has an excellent staff of well trained individuals and they are all always on their toes about our safety and education. Sometimes students talk bad about Dora but it's only because they don't care and just want to go home, but really if you paid attention you would notice how great Dora really is.
I like that the school is an older school with history and family ties. My parents are alumni and many of my extended family are as well.
The teachers are very easy to talk to.
Academically I feel they prepared me for obtaining a higher education.
I would most like to see a larger opportunity in the computer science courses of study. And more technology based learning.
I really enjoy the student body and the involvement of the teachers with the kids. The community is behind the school and supports everything the school does and I love that.
My school is like a second home. I live in a very small town and everyone knows one another. The one thing I wish would change is the amount of inequality of the regular student compared to a student at the school with a mom as a teacher.
What makes this school unique is you don't really see a lot of bullying. Bullying is a bad thing that's going on but at my school its not likely to happen.
Most of the teachers are very nice. There a couple who are very rude and never puts grades in the gradebook. But overall the teachers are nice.
The staff is usually willing to work with you on any problem and our kind spirited. The only complaint I have is sometimes they are not on top of things and fail to listen to what their students are trying to tell them. Things sometimes get done a lot later than it should have been done
The safety of the school is wonderful there is always a police officer and it is a safe environment. The health of the school is also great. It's very clean
The opportunities at this school are great. There are a wide range of selections for all students. No matter what the student is interested in there is a club or group for it!
The administration and students are helpful and have helped me create great memories. The teachers help whenever you need them and they make sure you understand the subject. The students encourage each other.
The teachers are helpful and always available when needed.
Dora high school has a no bully policy. The nurses are very help when you need them and very easy to find. Dora high school is a great school overall but can still use a little work
Dora high clubs are very interactive with the people around the community. We love to help the and better ours self's and the people around us.
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Dora high school is a very entertaining place to learn. All the teachers are trying to help you better yourself. What makes Dora unique from other school is that you feel like family here and the teachers go the extra mile for you.
I believe Dora is a very safe school. We practice our drills, such as fire and tornado drills, and code red etc., very frequently.
There aren't many after-activities. Programs are usually held during school hours.
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