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Dooly County High School Reviews

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Dooly county is a good school with the principal we have now we are definitely headed to the top ! He makes sure every student is happy and is ready to learn. He give each student some of his dedication.
Dooly County High School is not a good school. The administrative staff and most of the teachers are not worried about the students. They really need to do a better job. We're on a very low state wide level and that's not good for the students. The counselor is in charge of making sure the seniors are on the right track for graduation and nothing is getting done. they have to tighten up .
My experience at Dooly County High School was very interesting. I experienced new things every year. My freshman year was the best. My sophomore was all about maintaining. My junior year was about having fun. And now, my senior year is about staying focused so I can graduate. Change I’ll like to see at my school is more elective classes. Our school doesn’t offer many electives. If this was to happen, we’ll be able to be more hands on.
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This has been a great school every since I've started here in elementary. Every year it's a different challenge to face to get ready for the real world.
Dooly County High School has had many bad rumors about it, but its really not as bad as they say. The teachers try their best to help students out, they want to see you succeed in whatever you believe in. The sports are great, we have many athletic students here. We have cheer-leading, baseball, basketball, football, track, and soccer. We have several options for students to participate in. The school makes sure that you are safe and away from danger. In my point of view Dooly County High School is not a bad school to attend.
I’m currently a DCHS Sophomore. I graduate in the year of 2020. I’m an A-Student and I always strive for the highest of the high. The environment at DCHS is a pleasant one. It’s full of laugher and excitement. The teachers help me stay focused and engaged in the curriculum. The Admin team supports and unlifts the student body by providing rigorous expectations that they should follow. I honestly recommend people to attend DCHS because not only will you succeed , you’ll culturally adapt to this new environment .
I would like to see the students take a more active role in the school and the community. The students should be involved more in their education. The school is a great school it just needs more people who are willing to go the extra mile to help the kids and more students who are willing to help themselves and each other.
My experience at Dooly County Highschool will be unforgettable. The school its self teaches you so many life lessons . Everything here that you will come upon plays a big part of your future. The school its self is like a big house full of your family members. You will have disagreements, arguments,fallouts , and etc , but at the end of the day everyone wants what's best for each other .
There are many extracurricular activities.
The teachers at my school are very helpful.
I am very fond of the high school thta i attend. There really are good teachers and other adults that want to see you succeed after graduating high school. They are also very concerned for your opinion, and well-being as a student and a person.
I have no knowledge of a fitness program. the school spirit is fair.
the counselor does a poor job. no bullying policy. office staff does not follow the same rule all the time.
to me only a few teachers are concerned about the students.
I would not send my child to this school if I had to do it again. the teacher are not dedicated to me,the policies are poor.
No after school programs. limited clubs. poor administration support.
The school have a few of the normal problems all schools have. Overall the school is very safe. No gang activity, no bullying and resource officer is ok.
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We would like to have better food. The food is pretty bad and there are not many options.
many kids are healthy in school, but outside of school they can do reckless things.
My school experience is pretty normal with a great administration. it's just sometimes students can get out of hand and distract others
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