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Overall, I have had a really good experience at this high school. I have been allowed to participate in all the clubs and organizations. Having these opportunities has helped me to establish who I am and what I believe in. I know what I love to do and I am able to take part in doing so at this school. The only improvement would have to be the need to keep teachers at the school. There have been far too many new teachers in the short period that I have been here.
I would choose Donovan again, I like the school.
Since we have no nurse, it is sometimes a little crazy when somebody gets hurt. Thankfully, our teachers and faculty do know a thing or two about how to treat most common injuries, but it still would be nice to have someone dedicated solely on getting us better. When it comes to safety precautions, we continually practice numerous drills throughout the year for things from a fire, to a break-in, to a school shooting, and more. I overall feel safe in my school.
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We do well at sports, but the coaches seem very competitive, which makes me less motivated to try out. I am not very serious with sports like others, so I do not want to get yelled at by the coach or other students.
Our school does what it can for the small amount of resources it can muster. There is a lot of parent involvement, including a lot of alumni parents supporting on the school board. The condition of the building is poor due to the age of the building. The technology is very good because of our technology lady that received many grants for fast internet and new wiring. The busing is very efficient for all of the country kids around the small towns.
The students here are mostly very similar when it comes to diversity, but there are a mix of heterosexual and homosexual that stand for their view. Some do tend to tease, but I have never seen real bullying on that subject. Students tend to be pretty open-minded on most subjects, including when I stand for my faith in Christ. I have never been chastised for it, even though most do not believe what I do.
The teachers all try to keep an on going relationship with their students. Most of them try their best to make the teaching interesting and understandable for us. There are a good mix of the older with brand new teachers,so that they can learn from each other. It is a little difficult to get teachers straight from college, usually it is only one or two, so they learn from the other teachers quickly.
The price for a standard lunch is much too high! And if you don't like the hot lunch, the a la carte is the same price for less food! They do try to leave out fruit for anyone, but overall, the health aspect is low. There is too much fried cheesy and sugary food for a healthy diet. And there is lots of processed food, including grilled cheese IN A PLASTIC BAG. They don't even make their own. It's sealed that way... gross. What they do make from scratch does taste good though, including home-made rolls and bread sticks for a la carte.
We do not have AP classes at our school, but honors classes are offered somewhat. We also have a dual-credit class in U.S. History which is very helpful. It is intense, as it should be to count for college credit. Our honors classes are also more difficult, but there is much support from the teachers to get through it. The only thing I do not like, is they only offer Chemistry and Physics (2 honors classes) alternately every other year. I had to take the harder Physics class my junior year, and now I am taking the easier Chemistry my senior year.
Our extracurricular activities are very small in options. But, the school tries to do what it can with such a small amount of students and faculty. Our track team has been close to being cancelled due to the small amount interested, but the coach was able to convince enough for a group of 6 so that one student advanced to State two years ago. Sports and the musical takes up the majority of after-school practices throughout the year. The administration has always encouraged all of the organizations and clubs we have been able to participate in. If you can get enough students to have a club and and teacher, you are all set!
The guidance counselor and office staff are very helpful for the small amount hired for the entire school. They try to be there as much as possible when you need them. The dress code is mainly great with the shorts length policy and straps policy, but I think having to have sleeves when there is no air conditioning is a little extreme. We should at least be able to wear sleeveless shirts that are an inch wide when the weather is so hot. Overall, the policies are very beneficial for the standard of our school.
I like my school as a whole. There are less than 200 in the 7th-12th grade building, so it feels like a family. Like a family, it can be dis-functional with everyone knowing everyone else's lives, but most seem to try to help out each other. The only difficulty I have is the small amount of classes to choose from due to the reduced size of students in each class. I love the ability to really produce a relationship with my teachers though. I am the only student in my calculus class, and it's like I have a personal tutor! I would go her again in a heart beat!
Students are not to wear shorts shorter than their finger-tip. I understand it is difficult to monitor this all the time, but there have been one or two so far this year who have gotten away with barely covering-jean shorts. They are great with their "no sleeve" policy and other dress code standards.
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