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Donovan Catholic High School Reviews

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My kids have benefited greatly by attending Donovan Catholic. The educational preparation has the highest standard of excellence.
My daughter was attending Lacey High School and was not being taught anything. She decided to go to a better school. She visited 4 different schools and she chose Donovan Catholic High School and has been thriving there ever since. She loves all of the teachers and is learning with ease. She made principal honor roll with a 98.25 average and is now taking IB, Honors and AP classes. She is very glad that she made the switch from a school that has no accountability to a school that thrives. Thank you Donovan Catholic High School!
VERY family oriented! The high school is on the same campus as parish church,nthe preschool, grade school and middle school so all school-age children have a chance to interact during holidays, concerts, and other occasions. The clubs, performing arts programs and athletics are dynamic. There is something for everyone!

While the school works with students of various abilities, special emphasis is put toward the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs- the latter of which is only offered at 14 other school in the whole state of NJ!

DON'T let the idea of tuition stop you from sending your child here! There are many options for payment plans, financial assistance, work-study, etc. DEFINITELY worth a look!
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We researched many of the schools in our neighboring areas, and by far Donovan Catholic's open house won over my daughter. She has not been disappointed! She has attained Presidents Honor Roll for the last 2 years, has a great group of friends, and is involved in many school groups and activities. As a parent, I couldn't be happier with her choice!
My oldest just graduated this year. I feel his education at Donovan helped him get accepted into many colleges. We were happy to have so many choices. My middle son is a Freshman and I feel he is being challenged with his education. We are very happy overall and feel this has been a good investment in our childrens’ future
We have had nothing but great experiences since our son started going here freshman year. Any question or concern has been met with constant care and professionalism. So happy to be a part of the Donovan family!
It is a positive uplifting environment and we are blessed to have our son attend Donovan Catholic. We appreciate each and every teacher, administrator, coach and all that are involved in our son's high school experience.
My husband and I have attended church at St. Joseph Church since 1995 and have always wanted to send our son to Donovan Catholic and it is the best choice we have ever made.
AS an alumni and parent to 3 students graduating from Donovan, I cannot express how much the school has meant to our family.
Donovan Catholic is a faith based community not just a school. It's built on the fundamental values of service to others with a commitment to excellence in all areas from Academics to the Arts and welcomes and thrives on active participation from every student and every parent.
Donovan Catholic was an amazing academic experience for my daughter. Donovan Catholic prepared her for her freshman year in college to succeed. Performing Arts Department enhanced her talents and growth. The athletic department was instrumental in leadership and mentoring underclassmen.
As an alum and current parent, I love this school. My children have gained admission to their choice colleges thanks to Donovan Catholic. They were well prepared for university life.
I love Donovan High School. They are accepting of all people and nurture me the last 3-1/2 years. The teachers are invested in me and I am so grateful my parents sacrificed for me to attend. I've formed life long relationships with my fellow students, coaches and teachers.
Donovan Catholic is a school with great faculty and staff. Unfortunately I found the student culture present at the school while I attended to be troubling. A surprising lack of diversity, alongside an elitist attitude among the student population made for a very judgmental student population. So despite the very dedicated and loving teaching staff, the student community may be difficult for children to enter into.
The high school has provided me with a numerous amount of opportunites and the faculty is amazing. Truly a great environment and is overall an amazing school to attend.
Great diversity and caring faculty. STEM courses are expanding. Newly improved sports facilities are available. Over the last 8 years (I have two children formerly and currently in the school), we’ve seen a conscious effort by the school administration to expand diversity in the school. Opening up to foreign students and also reaching out to the local minority communities. My younger daughter is a graduating senior, and she’s had more than adequate supervision from her teachers to help her blossom on her pathway to a STEM career. STEM-related facilities (laboratories, materials, and equipment) are still under development, but the school has the proper teachers to lead the effort. Sports also have been an area that has been improving in the last 8 years.
The best part of Donovan is the majority of the teachers and the activities.
The worst part is the administration and the fact that giving the school a good name always comes first.
At Donovan Catholic you learn in a college prep envirment and that is not a title they truly get you ready for the future.
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I love the community at Donovan Catholic. Originally coming from a different school, the relationships between the staff and students here is amazing. Considering the school is so small, the teachers really get to know their students. The only thing I’d like to change is the food prices in the cafeteria.
I’m so grateful that I was able to send my children through both St Joseph and Donovan Catholic High School.
Donovan Catholic is a home away from home for my children. They love it~ I love it. Best decision we ever made!!