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The teachers and the overall atmosphere of this school were not that bad. The thing I would like to see change is the security guards. They do not handel things the way they should. The academic center was also one of the few places where you should be able to get college ready but the personel was not kind to that. Always making excuses. "Tomorrow mijo" we would hear a lot.
Over all Donna North high school wasn’t an experience I would’ve expected. Many people see Donna isd as a bad school district, but it isn’t that way. Donna has good teachers who are willing to stay behind to help you out with any assignments you may be having trouble with and they care about you keeping up with your grades. There are many teachers that were always there when I needed help and would always find a way to come early or after school to go over the topics I did not understand.
I like the fact that they provide us with the resources to succeed after high school, however i do think the falculty, especially the counselors and the go center faculty could do more in order to help us with the transition from high schoool to college, by better informing us and guiding us more as to what we have to do.
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There are various opportunities for those who look for them. Donna North High School offers an early college experience, wonderful staff, and a relaxed environment. If there's one thing I'd change it would be the attitude many students seem to have. There's an air of carelessness in some of our youth, and I'd like for there to be more programs to get the general student body involved.
Donna North is a school that has many things like college courses and certification programs (i.e. Pharmacy Technician, CMA, Cosmotology). There is a variety of clubs to join and it is a beautiful school rich in culture and academics. The students are bright and there is something for everyone.
My experience at Donna North High School was great because of all the awesome activities and programs that can be found. I feel like became a lot brighter with all the knowledge that I received from school with the amazing teachers and staff. One thing I would like for the school to change would be how strict they are on being tarty and absent. Basically, for them to be more lenient on that occasion, but overall the school is beautiful and great.
I enjoyed my high school experience at Donna North High school. I met great people and teachers. The school allowed me to finish two years of college during my junior and high school year. The only thing we certainly lack is diversity. Diversity is not something we see often in our area. Diversity will help my peers be more open minded of different cultures. Overall, I would recommend Donna North High school. It has taught me that school matters everyday and we should work hard to have a better future.
It's an amazing school! Introduces many clubs, also has a great athletic department, the teachers are great! Friendly and truthful people. The students are full of school spirit and try to her involve in school activities. What I would like to see change would be the food, its not that great.
I like Donna North High School because the courses i am taking here are very advanced and are definitely helping me be college ready which is not too far away for me . The staff and administration here are also very helpful and patient with your schedule and concerns regarding anything from financial aid to scholarships to help in class.
My school experience at Donna North High School was average. The clubs and activities were great as well as the sports. Academics an College Readiness were poor; all the school cares about is passing the STARR exams.
I like Donna North is a school you enjoy all of school is beautiful just like it’s building and all of it staff and students. One thing I would probably change is for the school community to participate more outside of school make some kind of activity in school grounds for the Donna community to enjoy and have fun for all to interact with each other .
The school itself is just so amazing and beautiful, everyday when you walk into each class the teacher are so enthusiastic and are ready to teach to the best of their ability
My experience at Donna North has been excellent , teachers are there in the morning and afterschool to help you in any concept you didn't understand during class time. The principal is always there to give support as well as securities who are there to make sure we are safe and that there is no kids skipping . I love the fact that the ladies from the career slcrnter are always there to help you on your college applications and that the library is opened after school so that we can finish any projects we may have.
What i liked most was the pride the band took into everything they did. I liked how student council was runned and the activities it provided.
The school its a very good and brand new instalation, with an exelent variety of options refering to the studies and sports, a very good security with security guards and police officers alert at everytime, good and friendly teachers and staff.
Donna North has been an average school. Contain the usual violent student that start fights. We have many securities which makes it feel more safer. I've met wonderful teachers here. Although some office are not all that nice and sometimes disrespectful, but i assume they are like that with all the students they have to handle. In conclusion I say Donna North is okay with it's sufficient amount of electives, sports, and clubs.
The best part of being in a new school in Donna is that the teachers there don't expect much from you so they try there best to help you out if you are listening. Then when you finish high school they will be really surprised and the expressions on their face are priceless.
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Being a student at DNHS was a wonderful experience. I got the opportunity to attend the very first year it opened and to see it grow strong throughout the years. Academically, all the teachers and staff were very helpful towards my path to graduation and becoming one of the top students in my class. I believe overall it is a strong community who is focused on the success of their students and the only change might just be the school lunch.
Good environment. Some really great teachers who make a difference. Athletics is on the rise. Big emphasis on rewarding good attendance and academic performance.
Donna North High School was part of my life and maybe the most inspirational part of my life. This school was where I made my long term friends and outstanding teachers. Everyone in Donna North taught me many things which I consider very valuable. My teachers were very special to me because they explained the lesson many times if they had to just so I could understand it. They told me to never give up and to follow my dreams.
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