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Donna Klein Jewish Academy is a great school. The reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the education aspect of it is amazing and unbelievable. The staff and faculty make it really easy to learn and get amazing grades, they literally DONT let you fail. The downside is the size, it’s a pretty small private school with around 120-180 kids every year in all 4 grades.
Another downside to some people might be the Judaics studies and Hebrew courses. Personally, I like the Hebrew and Judaic studies courses. The only thing that makes me rate it 4/5 is because the size, drama spreads quickly and unnecessary things spread within seconds; you need to be very cautious with what you say.
Other than that, the educational aspect is amazing and my grades have gone up tremendously since I’ve started at this school.
the academics are substandard. no one takes it seriously. you get away with anything at this school. teachers are horrible. substitutes are non existent when a teacher is absent
I’ve been attending since early lower school and haven’t had many issues. In terms of core classes, the teachers are thorough and teach well. However, religious courses aren’t very knowledge heavy and seem more like busy work. Aside from parents wanting that to change, the school is overall a good school that prepares students for college and offers different types of resources to help students get there.
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We absolutely LOVE Donna Klein!! My 2 daughters are in 3rd and 6th grade and love coming to school. Their teachers are warm, supportive and know how to challenge my daughters. They embrace their Judaism and have a deep understanding of Jewish values. We feel part of a community.
Both of my girls attend the elementary school at Donna Klein Jewish Academy. I appreciate the fact that classes are small and teachers can focus on children’s individual needs and build a rapport with a child accordingly. Our teachers and administrators continue to impress us with the superb level and quality of communication they provide. They keep us informed of and seek our feedback on my girls’ progress, the school's projects and programs, as well as various opportunities to stay engaged with the DKJA community. It truly feels we are part of a bigger family. Donna Klein Jewish Academy also presents everyone an opportunity to learn about Judaism and Jewish culture. My children look forward every morning to their day at DKJA and I feel very confident in my decision to enroll them in to this wonderful institution.

Eugenia S.
Its an amazing school. Very warm and incredible teachers who have welcomed my daughter and undertood her transition from another country and first time in school. I am impressed with the individualized education and care my daughter received, which has led to her happy adaptation to America and school.
My son left DKJA for High school recently. However he certainly missed the teacher-student relationship and warm welcoming community. We have decided to return him to DKJA.
Best workplace for educators. Best place for students k- 12 high academics connection to the people and land of Israel.
Having been at DKJA for 27 years ,

I have worn many hats. My hat as a grandparent gives me the greatest
pride seeing the amazing young man my grandson, now a graduating senior from the Claire and Emanual G.
Rosenblatt High School at DKJA has become. This is in no small part due to the amazing education he has received as a “lifer” at our home away from home.
Academically,spiritually, socially, the school has given him every opportunity to thrive!
DKJA is the best!!!! As a parent and a professional, this is the only school I would chose to send my kids. My son who graduated from DKJA, is thriving at an Ivy League school.
DKJA is a wonderful school and second home for both of our children. The teachers offer guidance, support and opportunities for them to shine in their own ways. We love DKJA!
Donna Klein Jewish academy is an incredible school for students of all ages. I cannot wait to enroll my own children to receive the best possible education for their learning styles and a strong Jewish education with love for the Jewish people and Israel.
We have two kids at DKJA and feel so blessed that our kids are able to go to this amazing school. Not only are they getting a stellar education from teachers who know each and every child but they come to school every morning feeling like they are coming to their second home. The staff and faculty have this amazing ability to make the school feel like family and for that I am beyond thankful!
Since we have been at DKJA, my grandchild has had the most positive experiences. She has loved her teachers every year and has always loved getting up early and coming to school. The nurturing environment and challenging curriculum has not only engaged her and her friends, but she has learned to be a kind and concerned citizen of the world. The Jewish values are consistently taught across the curriculum and the relationships she has made with her teachers and friends are authentic and will see her through life’s travails. Thank you Donna Klein!
I began at DKJA in 2017. I cannot express how impressed I was with the professionalism of the Administration, Staff, and Faculty. I was so warmly welcomed into the community am so thankful.
Thank you.
The teachers want you to succeed and will spend time with you before or after classes to help you master the material.
Donna Klein Jewish Academy (DKJA) is an excellent K-12 Jewish Day School. Both of my children have attended since Kindergarten. My daughter is a recent graduate and is now attending a top tier college . DKJA is a superior academic institution that also instills in our students high morals and Jewish values that are intangible on paper. The teachers, faculty and administration treat every student as their own and care deeply about their well being both in and out of the classroom. If you are considering a high quality education for your child as well a well rounded curriculum look no further than Donna Klein Jewish Academy.
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We love Donna Klein Jewish Academy. So much intention, purpose and thought of how to recognize the children as a whole, their emotional, physical and mental stage, and how to guide them to discover themselves and achieve success. The passion is contagious. They staff,leadership and teachers are fantastic and accessible. We're on our third year, and it has been an experience that far exceeded our expectations. From day one, we knew it was the best decision what an extraordinary gift to give to our and our family. We highly recommend Donna Klein Jewish Academy!
We love DKJA. The teachers and staff are amazing. They are warm, caring and treat everyone as an individual. So happy my kids are at DKJA! Go Eagles!
DKJA IS THE PLACE TO BE! I was a student here and now have the privilege of working here... I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world.