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DKJA is a warm, loving environment where students are nurtured and challenged at the same time.
Its vision is to be a community Jewish school. Its population reflects the diversity of Jews in South Florida who can afford private education.
We wish it had less of a focus on Holocaust education and Israel studies and more focus on cultivating Jewish American pride.
We love everything about the school! The academics, the faculty, staff, families and most importantly the love and energy that we feel every single day in this incredible environment. Thank you for giving us a place to geel happy, secure and at home!
Donna Klein has been an overwhelming source of love and support as well as academic, cultural and artistic guidance and structure for my children.
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This is my family's 10th year at Donna Klein Jewish Academy and we have had the most unbelievable experience thus far. As you walk through the hallways and the campus as a whole, you can see and feel the happiness and life these kids are experiencing. The warmth of the teachers, staff, administration and other families at the school have made my family feel like we are a part of an incredible community family. The sense of pride I feel when I go to a school function and see firsthand the wonderful leaders that have been created at Donna Klein Jewish Academy. Don't just take my word for it, come see for yourself what an incredible gift you can give your child by enrolling at Donna Klein Jewish Academy and cultivating the next generation of amazing Jewish leaders.
DKJA has provided my sons with an absolutely wonderful education for the “whole child.” In addition to the basic curriculum, each child is taught excellent values, and this is reiterated and encouraged in every aspect of learning throughout the school.
I feel blessed to wear both a parent hat and a professional hat at DKJA. I moved to the area 15 years ago and it was DKJA that brought my family to Boca. DKJA is situated in the best area equipped with everything we were looking for. DKJA is always striving for excellence while exceeding in all areas of secular, Judaic and extracurricular. DKJA is a spectacular school and community. The school develops one of a kind graduates. DKJA students are leaders, menches, articulate, poised, passionate, have a clear purpose, kind, confident, well rounded and so much more. I am proud to be part of this amazing community and school that is thriving and providing so much for the community. If you are looking for a community day school for your family, look no further. You have not only found a school of your dreams but you have found home.
DKJA has been an amazing experience for my children (11th & 8th grade). The teachers are able to tailor the academics to meet the needs of your child and the teachers truly care. There are many clubs but if there isn't one your child is interested in then it can be created by your child. The school encourages leadership and involvement. My children have been respected and appreciated for who they are as individuals and their strengths have been encouraged and utilized. At DKJA my children are part of a community where respect and Jewish values are reinforced. This year with Covid the school pivoted masterfully to the on-line platform. They not only have a regular full week of learning but also special opportunities/programs to virtually bond with their friends. I am grateful that despite this disruption DKJA was able to provide not only the academics but also the social/emotional support and nuturing environment that all kids need as we move through this stressful time.
DKJA has been home to my children for 14 years. The college prep education, along with their competitive athletic program, incredible art and theater program, and Jewish studies make DKJA an incredible school. They have transitioned to a virtual program where are students are learning everyday, all day. The faculty and admin have been amazing.
During this very challenging time, DKJA has been extraordinary! I can't say enough about how amazing the transition to virtual learning has been. The kids have a consistent, full schedule on a daily basis. The strong academic expectations have continued and the teachers- the absolute best, most caring, nurturing, and challenging you will find anywhere. Watching the kids learn virtually and hearing the teachers' voices provokes a very emotional response. I know that my kids are in the best place and I can't imagine them being anywhere else at this time. Together, we are a very special family and I am so blessed and honored to be a part of this fabulous community.
The nurturing and spiritual environment at DKJA is like none other ! We have one son graduating this year and another one entering the high school ! We couldn’t be more impressed with the academic rigor of the middle and high school curriculums and are totally impressed by the amazing college choices their graduates have !
My kids are thriving at DKJA. We are very happy with our choice. If you are looking to give your children a Jewish day school education, I highly suggest Donna Klein Jewish Academy!
I have two children who have recently graduated from DKJA (12th grade) and one son who is still attending (middle school). All three of my children LOVE DKJA and my two older children have been extremely successful in college after attending DKJA. The teachers are terrific and they really get to know the students. The curriculum is challenging and they offer all the high level classes. There are many sports, clubs and activities that all the kids can participate in. The small size means that each child can be involved in whatever he/she chooses. The families are warm and welcoming. My children have made lifetime friendships at DKJA.
Fabulous teachers and school leadership. My kids can't wait to get to school every morning. Additionally, the paste at which they adapted and got ready to deliver online teaching during the Coronavirus crisis is phenomenal.
This school has been incredibly rewarding for all three of my children. I never expected my children to love school as much as they do and I know it’s because of the nurturing environment DKJA provides. I’m also really impressed with the program and their teaching style. I’m amazed every day at how much my children know. They leave class with a wealth of knowledge! In addition to all
of this, I feel like we are part of a close knit community. All the parents are so supportive of each other. I feel fortunate to have made so many close friends in a short period of time. Choosing this school was one of the best decisions we made!
Best school EVER! Unbelievably caring teachers. Highest level of academics. Some of the nicest administrators anywhere. Can't say enough good things.
During this difficult time, it is utterly satisfying to be able to trust and rely on our children's school. It has been three weeks since DKJA closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The preparation and dedication of the teachers and administrators to move the classes to a virtual model has been outstanding. That is what makes DKJA a special place!!

Without a doubt, everybody gives the best of them! There has been no interruption in the students' schedule of their education. Many things have changed in the life of our kids, but they know their teachers and their school is there for them. Thank you DKJA for keeping our kids on track, for giving them the best education they can have, and for holding up our spirits. "Our building may be closed, but we are OPEN for exploration, discovery, community, and fun." Helena Levine. Head of the School, March 19, 2020
Donna Klein Jewish Academy faculty and parent body are like an extended family, taking fantastic care of my child.
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During tefillah tine which is in the morning, thy make everybody sing even if they don' want to. I think this makes the kids who are less religious are not jewish feel excluded and embarrassed. They give fifth graders and up only twenty minutes for lunch. But the lunch line takes ten minutes and the prayer that we have to sing at the end takes up five. I the end sometimes we only have five minutes to eat.
Donna Klein Jewish Academy is a great school. The reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the education aspect of it is amazing and unbelievable. The staff and faculty make it really easy to learn and get amazing grades, they literally DONT let you fail. The downside is the size, it’s a pretty small private school with around 120-180 kids every year in all 4 grades.
Another downside to some people might be the Judaics studies and Hebrew courses. Personally, I like the Hebrew and Judaic studies courses. The only thing that makes me rate it 4/5 is because the size, drama spreads quickly and unnecessary things spread within seconds; you need to be very cautious with what you say.
Other than that, the educational aspect is amazing and my grades have gone up tremendously since I’ve started at this school.
the academics are substandard. no one takes it seriously. you get away with anything at this school. teachers are horrible. substitutes are non existent when a teacher is absent