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Good electives, counselors, some of the classes are big and small. Everything is good. CTE building is big for everyone, for their career. Try join as many clubs you can. My recommendation is to join Spanish Club, you would like it.
There is so much about Donna High School that I, as well as many of my school-mates, would love to see change. For starters, if students were supplied with proper resources that have been updated to at least this decade, then that would be a huge win. The Fine Arts Department is full of amazingly talented students, but is ridiculously underfunded, with mold growing in the ceiling (at least the classes that have a ceiling), and poor security. Meanwhile the Athletic Department gets pumped with funds so players can have expensive equipment and a statue built in the name of an alumni. Not to mention the food is more than often preposterous. I am grateful for the staff that come in early and leave late in order to maintain the school grounds. The administration's care for the school reflects in the way it cares about it's students. There are more than a handful of faculty that deserve praise and recognition because they believe in our potential.
The fascinating thing about Donna High School is the way the school opens the eyes of it’s students towards excellence. Although some students don’t take education as seriously, there are others, such as myself, who try with the best of their ability to achieve success. It’s great, but it’s difficult to do so when there aren’t students who disrupt your education instruction time. The problem should be assessed.
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Donna high school has made gave me the resources and confidence to make the leap towards college. I honestly do not know where I would be if I had attended anywhere else
I liked our college technical facility we have. It helps students prepare for there future job. I would change some of the rules that do not allow students to explore multiple careers rather than just one.
From the beginning of my attendance at Donna High School it has been nothing but a welcoming, diverse, and spontaneous experience. I will have to admit that due to judgement at first sight many don't view this school the same. Due to a small town idiotic reputation others view it in a bad manner. However, through my personal experience the staff in incredibly helpful into pushing every student among a greater future, the cooking staff is always kind and make our free meals the best among what they are given , budget wise the district doesn't have much but for what it counts they definitely use it wisely. This school has given me the best memories with friends, a steady education, a safe
zone to gain knowledge , among all the counselors getting you college ready, and teachers not allowing you to stay behind but to acquire higher standards. As, for sports and activities they highlight the point that within hard work comes success so always push for greatness.
The school has a big variety of culture and most of the teachers know how to support their students and also they know hot imrpove their skills in factors where the student can learn easy and efficient
Great school, great teachers. Opened the door for my educational opportunities, and made me the individual I am today.
Definitely quite the eye opener when I went into the transition of becoming a high school senior to a college freshman. I really could feel the difference and it was an amazing feeling especially since there's a lot more extroverted people in college and no one really judges you.
Donna High School, also known as the Mighty Fighting Redskins, is one of the greatest schools In the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). We are the only school in the valley to have a football state championship. Although Donna High School May not seem like your ordinary school. Our students and faculty is the best in the district. We are one family and the school is out safe ground. We welcome everyone with open arms. Everyone, the athletes to the band, the “nerds” to the dancers, we are brothers and sisters. We have bond that no one can explain.
I liked that the school was very united and that kids participated in school activities. After our football games either our team won or lost, the school was there to support them every step of the way.
Donna High School is a campus that is filled with long lasting traditions. I personally enjoyed the traditions so much, especially since it always made you feel as part of the school. Before attending Donna High, I had never attended a school with traditions with such deep roots. The downside of the school is the age of the building.
they have excellent student service, they are always reminding students of upcoming events that are highly important, very nice environment, feels like your welcomed, awesome staff members and faculty!
There are many things that I like about Donna High School. Donna High School has taught me so much over the past year.
I would like the school to at least serve better meals. There should also be more education and work on their resources
My experience at Donna high school was a different one and i do not think it was like anything I will ever experience anything in my future or I could be wrong. I have met people i do not think i ever meet again and i have had some wonderful times with these people i call my friends. This school has molded me and guided me into the person i want to be. The environment at this school is a soft white light with students that try to excel in what they choose to excel in. Those are the things i think about when i hear Donna High school and what i think about when i walk in the halls of Donna High
and a BONAFIDE STUD and you cant teach that
AS for donna high and the rest of the schools here...THERES ONLY ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE YOU AND I'm GONNA SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU.
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Donna High School is a school mainly for Mexican Americans which does not make it diverse. The administration is too strict on dress code and pays not much attention to academics but rather the football team (who never even won a game). I just believe that they favor sports more than academics and real awards.
One thing I love about my current school is our extracurricular activities and how they come together. From marching band, football, dance, choir, track and field, softball to our many clubs, they all have so much pride and tradition. Our school has a great sense of tradition and because of it, our students strive to do their best in ademics and in their extracurricular activities. Although there's not much I'd like to see change, I think our teachers should be recognized more because after all, they are the ones who encourage and prepare us for the future ahead.
My years in Donna High did not change much as they passed. Teachers could sometimes care less. The food overall was not great, but hey we got some at least. College Readines could improve. Thwir administration needs more background info.
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