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Doniphan-Trumbull Secondary School Reviews

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They are very sports oriented. The academics there are not terrible however their main focus is sports. Mainly the football team. Very good school however.
D-T is an amazing rural High School! Although the thought of a graduating class of 33 may seem to be lacking, it is quite the opposite. We all know each other well, our teachers know us inside and out, and the community supports us both in and out of school.
I loved Doniphan-Trumbull High School. I enjoyed school and the resources. I also loved how we were allowed to do college credit in high school. Some things I would like to see improved is the teachers more experienced in their field and I would love to see school as a academic school and not that sports are the only thing that matters!
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I just wish they can go back to regularly grading and not at a college level but when student come from different schools and states they aren't use to being graded like that. So it's hard on both student and parents. But other then that I think this school is great.
I love this school and it has a teacher set of teachers to help kids get back on track and to stay on track. Love the actives.
Our school lunch program at DT could be improved.
Our school administration make sure each student that walks through the doors is there to succeed!
We support every team and activity here at DT
Teachers and staff build relationships with every student!
The staff and faculty here at DT are amazing. I have learned so many life lessons that have really challenged me to do my best in college. Even when I stop by my school on my days off, the community and faculty are so welcoming. I love DT and they have truly had an impact on my college career.
Some teachers could use a little help on "How to teach"
I love the programs offered here!
The admin. of our school tries their best to do what would be best for everyone in the school.
They do the best they can with the circumstances they are dealt.
The guidance counselor and principal are very helpful. The office staff is friendly.
The classes we do have help us, but we are not big enough to get more challenging classes.
The fitness opportunities at the school are great. The strength and conditioning program is superior. The coaches push us to do the best we can.
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The teachers go out of their way to help the students. They know a lot about what they teach.
My experience has been good at this school. There are amazing teachers that use their knowledge to helps others.
I think there is a good amount of student involvement.
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