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I have attended Doniphan from pre-k to the 12th grade. While attending school for most kids is boring or they hate it,but my school was such a great place to be we all loved it. We have just brought back Football after 39 years of not having it and as a JV and V teams I have had the opportunity to play and I am actually now wanting to go to college and become NFL player or even a high school Football coach for my home town pride Doniphan high!!
Doniphan Highschool isn't doing absolutely great, but most teachers and people try their best to make sure we can all go to college. I don't have a lot of money, so people gave me the advice to apply online for scholarships. Since my family has nine kids, it's hard to pay for all of us to go to college. The school is reaching out and helping me in every way that they know how.
The staff are great people to work with. The counselors go above and beyond to help each child as needed. There is not anything I would change about Doniphan.
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My school has had several bomb and shooting threats during my time there. During shooting threats we go into lockdown. This is supposed to be no one in and no one out. They refuse to let students leave with their parents and count it against them if they do not attend on lockdown days. They allow students to walk across the parking lot to the music building and I do not feel safe. I am constantly looking for danger and I do not feel safe at my school.
Overall, my experience at Doniphan High School is amazing. Our choir program is exceptionally great and continually earns great ratings in competitions. There are several clubs offered at the school. The only downside is how pressured everyone feels to join clubs and sports. I am not Christian, therefore I am constantly pressured to join Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) which is open to anyone, not just athletes. My school has also had several shooting threats in the past month. The school brings in extra security but I don't feel safe there anymore. Other students also feel paranoid and constantly alert for danger. These factors may cause me to not choose this school if I had the chance.
The majority of the teachers at my school are amazing. They go above and beyond the requirements of their job. There are, however, a few who simply do not like teaching. One teacher at my school encourages racism and being rude. In her class we are not allowed to say 'bless you' if someone sneezes. We read To Kill a Mockingbird and she encouraged my classmates to write in the books. She also used the assignment as a way to be racist. Some of my teachers, on the other hand, have helped me apply for scholarships and jobs. Overall, the teachers at my school are wonderful.
Doniphan is a very small school located in a small close community. We all seem to be there in the time of need for one another. Two summers ago we lost a student that would now also be a Senior. He was killed in a drunk driving accident. The community all came together in that time and it was so beautiful to see our whole community acting together to stop underage drinking and drinking and driving. I would most definitely choose this school if I could go back and do it all over again just because of how nice the people in the community are.
Once you walk into this school you will think that (with all their improvements) this is a really nice school. But just wait. You go to the office to talk to the administrator about something to do with class and you have to wait for all the favorite kids to get what they want before you even though you was there before them. Listen to them talk about their rich parents. Until you finally get you question answered. When you head back to class, you once again get to hear the teachers ask all the popular or favorited kids how their doing. Half the hour is wasted with that.

Now don't get me wrong, after a while you get used to this. I was friends with everyone yet part of no cliche and very happy about it. There are some classes that really worked your brain and were quite enjoyable. But this school is based heavily on their redneck/hillbilly ways. Muddest Truck Week. Week long Deer Season. Southern accents were faked to a ridiculous extent.
I think Doniphan is okay. The dress code is a little ridiculous but other than that it is okay. I think the what makes this school unique is everyone here if it came down to it would become one big family. I wouldn't choose this school again just because I am tired of going to high school.
We could use better teachers that are more motivated to actually teach the students and care about our education. This school worries more about dress code than it does the students' education. It would have been nice to have the same volleyball coach all four years of high school rather than a different one every year. Not very many people are friendly and welcoming. So many people are judgmental. If I had the chance to go to a different school I definitely would.
Its a small school so its okay. The only bad thing is our dress code and teachers pick favorites.
There aren't many sports that are offered, but for the ones that we do have there is intense school sprit. The only sports that are offered are basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, cross country and golf.
As far as the amount of classes go, there aren't that many to choose from. I am a senior in high school and have tried to take the hardest classes possible, but in all reality, in most of the classes you do nothing. You get mostly free days to sit in class, and when you do something the teacher does it for you, making it impossible for you to fail. Therefore at the end of the year, yes it shows on your transcript that you have an A in the class, but you have learned nothing.
There are a great number of clubs to be involved in, and the counselors at the beginning of your freshman year urge you to join two clubs. The downfall with clubs and extracurricular activities that don't involve sports is that the administration will not sponsor them in the ways that they sponsor sports. This in turn negatively affects clubs such as Drama club and FBLA because it is hard for them to find the money to go to district and state competitions.
I am a student with a milk and egg white allergy and the school offers no alternatives. Therefore, most of the school meals I am unable to eat because of the lack of choices.

In addition the school food is often left over, meaning that if food isn't used one day, they'll just put it in the walk in cooler and heat it up again for the next day.
Most of the Teachers are pretty good. Some of them are only there to get with the students and care nothing about teaching them. They are pretty pathetic actually. But overall they are amazing teachers and their teaching styles are great and most of them know exactly what they are doing.
I have had a great experience. I have made a ton of great friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. Not only that, it has helped me choose the right path to a successful future. It may be small, but there are plenty of classes and clubs that will help you get on the right path to a successful career.
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There is now what they call a "bully box" where if you see someone being bullied or are bullied you put that name in the box. I think it is actually rediculous because they are all anonymous and you could get someone suspended for no reason. A good policy would be the length of the shorts and skirts, those are very understandable.
The counselors, office staff, principals, and teachers all try to enforce the rules to everyone equally. We now have a 'bully box' which has helped out a lot since it started. For the most part, the staff is helpful and very caring.
I would choose Doniphan over anywhere just because its home to me. It has very large building, nice classrooms, and a decent gym. The school has a great maintance staff and they for the most part always have it decent.
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