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DCA is a great community school with opportunities to play sports, be involved in the arts while getting a great education. Due to the school being small in nature, it can not provide as many opportunities as other large schools but I believe that you make the most of the opportunities that are given to you.
I have attended DCA since K-5. It has definitely prepared me for my future. I have a wonderful relationship with all of the teachers and staff. The small class sizes allow me to know everyone and feel comfortable asking questions.
I just graduated from DCA and I loved it! DCA gave me the best high school experience possible. I was able to play for the wildcats in a softball state tournament in 2017 that I will never forget. I also got to watch a football state championship in 2018! #catsby90 On top of great athletics, DCA provided me with great teachers and coaches who encouraged me to grow in my faith everyday. I’m so excited and ready to start college as I have 16 college credit hours already completed thanks to dual enrollment at DCA! DCA is a fantastic school and a wonderful community that I am so blessed to be a part of. I highly recommend DCA to anyone who is searching for a school!
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My college-age son attended DCA for 14 years & was well prepared in every way. He is excelling in his courses; knows how to study & manage time with classes, activities, & work; & can comfortably approach professors & other adults. He knows how to share & defend his faith; can disagree with someone but still respect them; listens & cares about the opinions of others; treats everyone with kindness & offers help whenever he sees a need. The persistence, aim for excellence, & fierce loyalty he learned through his coaches, teams, & fine art experiences, the love he experienced & learned to share because of his teachers, & the unshakable faith that he lives out, shares, & defends... these are the reasons he is well prepared for college & life beyond. We give God all the glory for the young man our son has become. But we are certainly thankful for the partnership of DCA faculty, coaches, & staff who poured love & great effort into our son on a daily basis for 14 years. Thank you!
I love this school so much. I've been there for 11 years now and it's been wonderful. The teachers are excellent and most of them seem to love their job. The last day of school there is going to be a emotional wreck for me because DCA is my life.
I have attended DCA for my entire schooling career. The teachers truly care and students who choose to apply themselves are given so many amazing opportunities in the classroom and on the field. The school has it's occasional problems just like every other school but I am the person I am today thanks to the love and hard work that they have instilled in me.
Most teachers were rude and didn’t care to hear the opinion of any students they seemed to consider beneath them. There is no tolerance for anyone who is even the slightest bit different and kids doing well in sports are held well above anyone else. All in all it is a terrible and overpriced place that will pay someone to keep their mouth shut about ho awful it truly is.
The community surrounding Donelson Christian Academy is absolutely incredible. Parent involvement makes a huge difference between a subpar school and a superb school. I always look forward to coming to school.
I've attended this school since I was in the first grade and it has honestly become a second home. Our class sizes are extremely small so it feels more like a family than anything. I think my school has done a lot of good things over the years and made a lot of much needed changes. I would love to see an auditorium on this campus because I'm very involved in the arts, but that's never seemed to be a priority. However, I've been more than pleased with my experience and look forward to see how this school will grow.
I went to Donelson Christian Academy “the Academy” for 3+ years. After the mounds of stress and effort I eventually left. As I watched my grades go down the hill, the students were also pestered with obsessive reminders of sports and outside activities. However some of the students and staff are ok.
I loved my time at DCA. I went to DCA from K5-12th grade. It was the best decision I could have ever made. Since I've graduated as of just last year I have missed the environment as well as everyone on the staff. Something that stuck out to me about DCA was that two administrators drove all the way out to Carson-Newman (3 hours away) just to have lunch with me and ask me how the transition to college was. It's truly comforting to see that they actually care about their students, and from being there for so long I can attest that they are top tier in terms of helping their students succeed.
D.C.A. provides a wonderful Christian environment for students to not only be challenged academically but also to grow spiritually. The teachers and administration are both fully invested in preparing each student to enter the world with a strong academic foundation, as well as being firmly grounded in their personal relationship with the Lord. The student to teacher ratio ensures that each student is able to have their specific needs met daily and also provides the opportunity for teachers to genuinely build a relationship with their students.
Four years ago we joined the DCA family and have been nothing but pleased with the education our children have received thus far. The teachers genuinely care about the well-being of the kids and strive to partner with parents in setting the students up for success. The academics provided to our children have been above average in comparison to others in a non-privatized educational environment in the Nashville territory. We have been very pleased with our overall choice in selecting DCA as our school of choice for our kids.
We have two children at DCA as we just began our fifth year. One child started just before her second birthday. We love the continuity DCA provides as kiddos transfer from preschool into elementary, then eventually through graduation. We have loved ALL the personnel, from the preschool teachers to the administration. We've been able to get to know some faculty and see their dedication to not only our kids' education, but their discipleship as well. We highly recommend DCA!
I've attended DCA since K5 and am graduating this year. I've always enjoyed school and made many lifelong friends. I've played on the Baseball, Football, Basketball and Tennis teams and have become a better person and athlete because of it. DCA has given me all of the skills I need to continue my education as a college baseball commit. I am going to miss all of my teachers and friends, but look forward to coming back and visiting. Once a Wildcat...Always a Wildcat!
DCA has provided me with a good education so far, although it is overwhelming at times. The majority of the teachers are knowledgeable and willing to assist any and every student with questions or struggles. Small class sizes provide a more personal relationship with these teachers. I wish there were more clubs available to get all kids involved in things. I also think that DCA needs to get back to recycling and being more environmentally friendly.
There are many extracurricular activities at my school, but most of them are educational. I wish there were more clubs or activities that involved hobbies instead of strictly educational purposes.
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The academics at my school are very diverse. There are many levels of courses to choose from, so if a student wants to be extremely challenged, he or she can. It is really nice to have academic options. Another one of my favorite things at my school is how involved the Student Council is with the student body. Everything from dress down days to Homecoming week to Field Day is planned by the Student Council, and they really mean a lot to the school. One thing that makes my school unique is that almost every year, different grades go on different trips. I have been to St. Louis, Washington DC, Orlando, and New York City because of my school. The trips are educational yet fun, and they are what would make me attend my school again.
Almost all of the teachers I have had at my school are hard working and dedicated to making each student's experience worth while. I can tell that the teachers truly care about our education and want us to success in everything from AP tests to daily homework. There have only been a few instances in which teachers do not complement my learning style. This makes it more difficult to work the in the atmosphere of the classroom. However, over all, the teachers at my school are great and caring.
Each extracurricular activity at DCA is heavily involved in the atmosphere of the school. I was personally involved in three large areas of extracurricular activities. Multiple sports teams are offered at DCA. I was a middle school and varsity cheerleader. The arts are also offered heavily at DCA. I participated in choir, show choir and theater from middle school through high school. Student Government is offered on the class and student body level. I served as junior class secretary and senior class president.
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