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I appreciate that at Donegal High School, I am offered multiple Advanced Placement courses. I also enjoy how much school spirit there is. However, the teachers are not always the most willing to help and sometimes it is very stressful to feel like you matter at this school, despite the small class size.
Donegal High School is an amazing school. It has an amazing student body that supports each other. Also, the school spirit of the student body is unrivaled. Students always dress up for school spirit days and paint the school in our school colors of green and white. The teachers also are very kind to all the students and are more than willing to sit down with a student and take their time to help a student with an issue. This school is really one of a kind.
"Don’t count the days, make the days count," quoted an assistant principal on my first day of high school. To any student, high school can be quite challenging but thanks to the reliable access to resources and other necessities that I need, Donegal provided a great education. Students are provided with laptops, allowing access to the web and sources that extended beyond the basic textbook. With the access of sports, dances, fundraising, charitable events and much more… Donegal high school does not only provide access to be a great student, it provides a way to be a part of it.
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Donegal High School is a great school because the teachers are always there to help students, the Cafeteria has a wide selection of food, and there are many extracurricular activity options, from chess to Ski club, there is a place for everyone.
Donegal is a good school district. It is mid-sized. The high school is decent, newly built, and clean. Good sports offerings.
I’d like to see a change in how the employees or teachers handle situations like kids who just get a warning compared to kids who barely did anything and get in big trouble.
I have gone to Donegal High School for all four years. The building of the school is very nice and well laid out. Everything is easy to find. The teachers are very kind and always willing to give extra help for those who need it. The school is kept very clean by a hardworking janitorial staff. The students aren't always the best in the world; there are fights about once a month and a lot of drama, although this may be true of all high schools. The school spirit at Donegal is unlike anything I have ever experienced. There is a near 100% participation during Spirit Week, and Green & White day (where everyone dresses in our school colors) is always the best day of the year for everyone. Overall, I have largely enjoyed my four years here and don't have much to say that is negative.
I believe that Donegal High School was a great school for me to attend. I think that I just needed more classes to fit me, but other than that the School was great and worth while to attend.
Donegal is a highly active shook that interacts with their students and makes everyone feel welcomed.
I liked how united the school comes off as, but behind the scenes, they are just average. All the higher ups are old white men who don't attempt to understand different ethnic backgrounds. The teachers are all white and lazy. The only good thing in my eyes is that there isn't really any social standards when it comes to making friends. The school itself is A-Okay, but the people kind of suck.
I love how caring all of the staff are and how they go out of the way to make sure their students succeed and continue to grow.
The absolute, best part of Donegal High School is the performing arts club. I had several amazing teachers, but also some bad ones. Not that they were mean necessarily, just not effective teachers. Overall, I think I had a decent public high school experience at Donegal. I think the worst aspect is Donegal's lack of racial/ethnic diversity and the administration's (and majority of students) close minded and very conservative views, however it does seem to be getting more diverse each year. I also had mostly positive experiences with athletics. The one common complaint among many students (including myself) however is the field hockey team's social "dominance" and special privileges. They did win the state championship a couple years ago, but that doesn't necessarily warrant the obvious favoritism and prestige they constantly get from the administration and teachers.
Like the athletics. Guidance counselor and college advisor are a wealth of information. They helped me find information on colleges and get the necessary information to the colleges of my choice.
I liked all the teachers that helped me when I needed help. Some of the teachers I had actually helped me work my way to graduation even though I didn't care at the time. The food is really good, they keep changing things and bringing in new items. The classes we have are also amazing, I love all the teachers.
I like Donegal because the teachers are helpful and very down to earth and understandable, they are not exaggerated and are very patient with students
I grew up in the Donegal school system, and I was very blessed by the community and life that I was able to find there. I was poured into by the faculty and staff, I learned amazing things in and out of the classrooms, and had an amazing time in my favorite clubs and art classes. Especially in the Donegal Performing Arts Club, I learned how to properly be myself along with learning a lot of other things that have helped me be successful in my college's music program. The Donegal community has impacted my life in such a positive way that I would love to raise my future children in the district also.
I like how much the teachers try to boost the school spirit and connect everyone together, though some teachers should learn from more experience ones which teaching methods work best for students.
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I like that the school has so much school spirit and we are respectful to opponents we play. Also, the guidance counselors check in and make sure we can come to them with any questions we have and they help us to prepare for college and we even have a college advisor so we can go to them for specific help or questions about college.
I have been attending the Donegal school district since kindergarten. I am currently a high school Junior and have not yet had an issue with a teacher, or my safety. Everyone, staff and student body is supportive and lends a helping hand.
I found education to be easy to attain at Donegal High School. The teachers are dedicated to their jobs and provide as much as they can to their students. The curriculum is set at a good pace where individuals of all learning abilities can follow along. The workload can be a bit heavy depending on the level of classes the student takes.
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