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Donaldsonville High School Reviews

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Donaldsonville HIghschool is a public school with a decent amount of students that attend there, but the school itself is not what makes the high school, but the staff. Donaldsonville high school is a good school with teachers who care about there students education and their learning experience, but I also love the school spirit when it comes to our school. They show off their school spirit during events such as homecoming.
It's a great school. In Ascension Parish, you also get a chance to go to early college, which I did!
It was very fun and when I left the experience that I gained from it was overall the best experience ever. The only thing I would say they need to change is making sure there are better Math and Biology teachers.
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My overall experience at Donaldsonville High School was average. Each year was different. I experienced a lot of teachers leaving because of some behavior problems. Donaldsonville High does not get you ready for college. I am currently in college and it is kicking my butt because I was not properly prepared for college.
It's a wonderful school. I would like to see better food, new books, more activities, and more community and school support for the band.
I attended Donaldsonville High School for all four years of high school. The teachers are very diversed and are great at teaching. By being a below grade C school in a predominantly black neighborhood, we would receive backlash unlike the other schools within the parish who were grade A schools in predominantly white neighborhoods. We were the only school on the west side of the parish while the other schools were located in the East. Thought all of the trials and tribulations, we never gave up and was able to bring our school grade up to a 86% B.
I would like to see more funding go to this school to provide equal opportunities for all students in Ascension Parish.
Its a great school. It has many opportunities for me to learn new things. I can many clubs and do many sports.
Great and supportive teachers, understandment of getting us ready for the future. Also determined to push us to go to college.
I have to be honest the school it's self is not that good but it has the smartest students. Those students who are smart and want to learn cannot learn because the school does not have enough teacher and is not hiring more. Students need people who just as invested into their future as they are. The school is located in a town that a lot of Louisiana people do not know about and in a kind of bad neighborhood. This might scare a few potential teachers even though it should not.
I love the way the staff are always on their p’s and q’s. I have yet to see them slack in anything that they do. I would like to see an expansion of the amount of athletics offered!
It was an okay experience. Majority of the students were followers. It really didn’t have much for us to do there. The food was terrible. The only thing I really liked about the school was the band. Everything needs to be improved.
Donaldsonville High School is a great school, as in we are a B school, we strive for greatness and are destined and headed for success. We may be looked down at because we are a products of Donaldsonville, but what they fail to realize is that we are greater than they see us. I’ve had my good and bad days at my high school but most of them were enjoyable. Our Event like Homecomming and Prom are the times we really show off and out. I wouldn’t have chosen any other high school to go to.
Donaldsonville High School is a school of predetermined course. Students are given two path options: college or career oriented. Depending on your grades, the choice may be made for you. School morale is low, performance is coerced, and there is only a handful of teachers determined to help students reach their maximum potential. This is a school where the athletes shine and everyone else has to have the self-determination to make it out and achieve greatness.
The faculty and staff, as well as the students, of Donaldsonville High, are like a family. Students have really great relationships with some of the teachers. We have grown academically over the years and we are now a B school. Our graduation rate has increased, also.
My experience at Donaldsonville High School was somewhat but we made the best of every situation. We were on set bell schedules so that no class would interfere with another. The teachers actually engage with the students to better their understanding in class, but if that does not work, they will provide tutoring if needed. To make Donaldsonville High School students get active, they should have more spirit days and maybe throw in some incentives.
The school is not welcoming. The teachers and staff appear to be anti students. The academic level is D, it is not a good school.
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I liked everything about Donaldsonville High. It was a good experience for me and the teachers taught me well. I honestly wouldn't change anything about the school!
I liked how some of the staff at Donaldsonville care about the success of a student, however, most of the staff does not care what a student does or achieves and pushes students to what they want them to do not what the student is interested in.
I think there is a lot of things my school can improve on, I had a meh experience. They really should have a lot more opinions for clubs and activities. I really wish there were a lot more courses to pursue like computer science and Japanese, but there aren't any.
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