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Donald H. Eichhorn Middle School Reviews

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While there were plenty of extra-cirricular activities, I didn't participate in too many. I always wanted to go home and do my barn work & work with my animals. My friends were so diverse that we wouldn't have chosen the same activities anyway.
Parents were encouraged to participate in everything from policies to cirriculum. Vary rarely were parents let out of the loop.
In middle school, I realized I liked boys. I realized that I could do well in several subjects like math and science. I wouldn't choose any other school for my Middle School.
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All through school, italian dunkers were the lunch or choice! Most options were pretty good, with the exception of hot dogs. Hot dogs at all schools are kinda gross. There was always an option for those who turned up their noses as everything else...peanut butter & jelly!
Bullying was handled by the guidance couselor and was not always handled correctly. Gym was encouraged as well as healthy eating and exercise. Nursing was sketchy at best. Even though my mom is a pharmacist, the nurse would argue with her about giving me Tylenol. Safety at the Middle School seemed to be great. All doors were locked and you couldn't get in without the office lady unlocking the door after you told her who you were and why you were there. Even on lockdown, all school personel were extremely professional and didn't let the kids get scared. I felt secure and enjoyed my years at the Middle School.
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