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Donald E. Gavit Middle/High School Reviews

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It’s not bad school but the they worry about the wrong things and then they kick you out and not try to help people graduate so they can keep there record.
I liked that Gavit has a variety of sports that I am able to play. I also like that Gavit has small class sizes and the teachers seem to care about their students.
There are a lot of students. I don't recommend coming here though because the school system in hammond is poor. Also we dont go on any field trips out of state.
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Wasn’t a very inclusive school but wasn’t too bad either. I was on the dance team and because of one root
Gavit is currently ranked #31 in the state of Indiana by U.S. News. The hallways of Gavit are very diverse and they create the perfect environment for making new friends and having great experiences. Even though the school is a little big, there will always be someone to turn to and to help you out. The teachers are always willing to help you on a personal level in school and after school.
My experience at Gavit has been a unique one. I don't origitnate from the district I'm in now, but I actually prefer Gavit over all the schools I've been to. I love the community for the most part, and the teachers very helpful and encouraging. There's a lot of fun teachers as well. The amount of pride at Gavit is actually pretty awesome. The clubs and sports are all great and I enjoy the programs available to the student body. The staff at Gavit realized my potential unlike any other schools, and they put me on the best track for me and my interests. Overall, Gavit is definitely an amazing school.
My experience as a high school student was certainly a poor one, this high school did not prepare you for higher education in the slightest. The faculty and students were all very poor. It was a surprise there wasn't less school related crime by the sheer number of officers in the building with guns and tasers at the ready at all times.
The teachers and staff at Donald E. Gavit Middle/High School are exemplary in the way they care and protect their students.
I loved the way the teachers interacted with the students. Also the connection we have with our principal is great. She listens to us about the things that we feel should be improved or the things that we really like that is going on in our school.
The teachers and the staffs at Gavit Re amazing I´ve been there since 6 grade. I have learned so much this school is very involved with the children very concerned with the well been.
I attend Donald E. Gavit High School and appreciate the teachers there. The teachers really make the school and work hard. The principle, vice principle, and deans are hardworking people.
I've attended Gavit from 6th grade and now 12 grade. Over the years, I watched the food become healthier, such as the removal of unhealthy foods. The staff is excellent, the teachers are like parents, the janitors greet you and the counselors even helped me choose an online class to raise my gpa. Gavit is located in Northwest Indiana, very close to Chicago, so there is lots of Caucasians, African Americans, Mexicans. Out of thousands of schools, Gavit was given Title I of National Distinguished Schools for 2015-2016. Gavit is also located in an area with many low income residents therefore, AP exams are free. Also, twice a year chosen students attend the Natural Helpers Retreat, it's very secretive and life changing, students spend 2 days at an unknown location venting and working together on a personal level. Lastly, Gavit offers a blueprint program, it's a credit class for seniors that aids in helping with scholarships, FAFSA, and making sure you get into the college you desire.
This is a good school,I've had a lot of really good teachers and I've learned a lot of things that I didn't before.
Gavit has been nothing but a wonderful high school experience I transferred in my junior year and they were open arms. What I liked most would've been the learning environment the teachers made sure that you were always focused and also on track.
Great staff. Everyone is there to help. The principal cares, teachers build relationships. I love my AP classes.
I enjoy being at gavit high school the kids are fun to be around and everyone treats everyone like a big family which out of alot of schools ive been threw i havent seen much of. One thing i believe should be change is our uniform which statistics have be shown that wont wont change but iam happy to know that i would choose a family ( be my school )over my personality on how to dress and i think anyone in my school feel the same .
Key Club is a fun club to join, you can spend your free time helping others, you would also feel good about yourself, because you helped someone out.
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I would love to go back and meet my teachers all over again. One of my favorite experiences would attending formal with my friends, and teachers. I would attend this school all over again, because the staff is friendly and they care about your education.
Teachers try to engage you, so you can learn something. When a student is struggling, they stop the lesson in order to make sure you understand what is going on.
I felt safe at this school. There was plenty of policemen. I never felt threatened.
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