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Donald B. Dixon-Lyle R. Smith Middle School Reviews

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The teaches at Dixon Smith Middle School are completely disrespectful. They are homophobic and can't explain good. Almost everyone in my math and reading class failed. But overall Dixon makes me have a lot of stress. And the janitor are underpaid. All the kids at Dixon cuss and some have lost there virginity.
i cannot begin to comprehend how unsafe and uncared for i feel at school. i’ve been going there 3 years, me and my friends are bullied horribly, there’s so many fights & disrespect at our school and i hate it. the school searched one of my friends before for no reason, because her “hoodie pocket looked funny” why because it had a zipper? dixon is unfair and cruel to the students. nobody has an opinion on anything. some of the teachers are even racist. one of my teachers has even cursed at the class almost every time i’m in his class and it sucks. we get none of the help that us students deserve, we’re dragged to school everyday thinking that everyday at dixon will be horrible. i hate dixon smith so much. the long busrides of the kids fighting with the driver. the teachers disrespecting students and when they say anything, they get bitched at. this school is disgusting and i’m so so happy i don’t go here anymore.
Good school with excellent teachers with moderate food. Good extracurricular activities. Good experience.
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Fantastic School with caring, thoughtful teachers who have students interests and safety at heart. Administrators are quick to work on resolving issues so they do not escalate.
This school is not protecting my daughter. My daughter has been stab with a plastic fork until the skin was broken, slapped in the face and threaten all by the same student. My daughter was asked why didnt she move her arm and why didnt she stop making funny faces while playing with her friends at the lunch table. My daughter was minding her own business. Why should she have to move because a student cant control themselves? The school was trying to put this back on my daughter. Now my daughter is afraid to be in the same school with this student and her grades are bad because of the lack of attention the school is putting into her safety and others. There should be ZERO Tolerance when a student is showing a pattern of mis behavior. At this point I would like for my child to be transfered out to a new school get a new start. The school is not taking safety seriously.
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