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I extremely like Don Pedro High School because the on on one attention with the students. It is not like what people say the teachers are willy to help there students, no matter what. Even if there is a Finical problem at home.
I have loved going to Don Pedro High School because of how one on one the students are with the teachers. We are a very small school, so yes we do not get as much opportunities as larger schools especially with the sports. However, the teachers really take pride in our education and give us the one on one attention larger schools sometimes tend to fail on. I also really love how the teachers prepare us for the real life better than any other school I have experienced.
The school does have many policies on health and safety. I personally have never felt threatened or unsafe at this school at all. I think the school does a great job of keeping the students safe.
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As there are not a lot of extracurricular activities to do after school, there are still some. Being a rather small school, a budget may restrict the amount of activities that are available, but the school does the best they can to provide activities for the students.
I love going to this school. I had originally moved here from Wisconsin which had a high school of about 1500 students. Transitioning to a little over 40 students was a big difference not only in numbers, but behavior and teaching. Many of the kids in Wisconsin had little respect for their peers and it was not any fun to be around for five days a week. In Don Pedro the students are very nice and respect each other equally. The teachers are very engaged in their teaching and the students, which allows for a better learning environment. All of my classes are like this here at DPHS. I could only recall a few classes in Wisconsin that had me so engaged and eager to learn. I do not know what the best school looks like, but if I had to describe it, it would match the way Don Pedro High School looks. Doing high school all over again at this school would be a great experience.
The teachers are wonderful at DPHS. Very nice and very engaging with the students. They care about the kids and their futures. Everything they do is for the kids.
I've had some trouble with communication, but otherwise, I enjoy it a lot. I have more time to get help from my teacher and am able to learn in an environment I am comfortable in.
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