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Don Estridge High Tech Middle School Reviews

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I love this school with all my heart but I genuinely despise some of the teachers. I've made close friends I still talk to even though I moved out of Florida last year. Now that I'm in a different state, I realize that Don Estridge has a much more advanced curriculum in comparison to other places. Most students take that for granted. Overall, the experiences I've had are unforgettable and I don't regret going here.
Don is the best school I could EVER get into.The tech they have is INCREDIBLE,the students are great and the teachers are amazing at what they do.
Don Estridge High Tech Middle School is the best middle school in Palm Beach County. Not only are the academics at the school are amazing but the bonds that you make with the teachers and staff are great. The students, teachers, and staff all work hard to make sure that we are comfortable environment. Our principal always is their greeting us every morning or in the hallway with a big smile. I am just having the best experiences here at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School!!!
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Always a cop on duty, which made me feel safe.
Drama Club was amazing, very fun and interesting.
This school makes you think for yourself.
I have had really good teachers at this school and sub par ones. A little more than half go above and beyond to make sure the student feels welcome to the classroom environment. These teachers also make sure that every student understands the material before going on. However, there are some teachers who could care less if you would learn anything. They don't treat the students with as much respect as they should but then again it isn't awful.
I appreciated the opportunity to attend this school. I was at an advantage when i left. I got exposed to technology and other courses that other middle schools did not offer.

The teachers were all enthusiastic and happy to be there and that reflected in their teaching.

I recommended this school to all my friends and future middle schoolers.
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