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Don Bosco Preparatory High School Reviews

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Teachers are top notch and truly care about the students! Can’t express enough my appreciation for the teachers, brothers and administration!
DBP provides an excellent academic, social, athletic and moral environment. There are many programs that focus on community service and helping others. Compared to many schools in the area, the DBP student body is more diverse economically and racially. The teachers are caring and always there for the students. The layout of the campus provides a college-like atmosphere. Most importantly, there is a camaraderie among the students that is unmatched in other neighboring schools. Notwithstanding the differences in personalities or abilities, the boys view their classmates as their family. The students leave DBP very prepared for college life.
I love how friendly the teachers and faculty members are and how orderly the school runs. I would love to see more food fixes. More extracurricular activities would be far better.
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My experience at Don Bosco Prep was the best Highschool experience I can ask for. I would not change a thing. They teach every student how to become a man from a child. The teachers really care about their jobs and want the best for every student. Being a student-athlete my highschool life was very busy but I loved every second of it. Being a senior now I really saw how I grew up and developed since freshman year.
The best educational experience the school offers is in the Honors and AP classes. Otherwise, several of the CP teachers are sub-par and the students alike are not motivated. I would like to see CP teachers that teach to challenge and motivate their students and not just allow them to participate and graduate.
It's a good school. It is oriented toward college prepartory. I found it a very different experience than my local public school.
This school is one of the best if not the best High School in Bergen County, NJ. The school truly cares about the student. The campus is like a home away from home with most kids staying well past the bell rings to participate in many of the after school activities the school provides.
Don Bosco is clearly a high school like no other in the Bergen County area. The students are pushed to their limits and prepared for their lives in college.
Overall great experience. Everyone is family there and always able to ask for help. Also the environment is fun and everything is easy going which makes learning better
Really depends on the classes you are in; regular classes (College Prep) for the most part doesn't really push you to succeed. I have had a few exceptions to that statement but again, for the most part, they are average classes. The honors and AP classes are the classes that really push you. I really enjoyed the Honors classes I was in and the teachers really drew the classes' attention in. This school I would say is a sports school, the majority of students participate in some sort of sport. Your sports team is really your main friend group and if you don't participate in a sport, it can be difficult to find a group. Overall, I would have chosen a different school if I had the opportunity to do high school over but it was adequate enough to get me through high school.
I like the intensive sports atmosphere and many of the teachers are very helpful if you are respectful to them.
Great school had an awesome 4 years here really do not want to leave this school at the end of the year
Good school, one of the best private high schools in the area. Only issue that is prevalent is the diversity. Most teachers/students are primarily Caucasian. Though typical high school antics go on at Bosco it is safe to say that for the most part, students and teachers are focused on their work. There are quite a bit of wealthy people at this institution but it never seemed to be an issue. Best part about the school is that all of the teachers care about making us, the students, more prepared for college and life in general
It was a great environment that promoted Brotherhood and guidance. There was always something that I was interested in. From faith and worship to sports and clubs. My academics were challenging which I feel help me to be more than prepared for college. Attending Don Bosco Prep was the best decision I could have made for myself
Don Bosco Prep is a place where integrity, honor, brotherhood, intellect, self confidence and respect are learned. I will never forget my years and my experience at Don Bosco.
My second child is graduating this year. The school has truly turned them into responsible honorable young men. Great education but I believe got them into the colleges they applied to.
Don Bosco Prep has undergone many changes in the past four years, some for the better and some for the worst. While every school has their negatives, the atmosphere and relationships developed in this school created strong college-ready men by the end of their four years.
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Don Bosco Prep is a great school and what I liked the most was you really form a type of brotherhood with your classmates.
I live my school. My experience at DBPH will carry lasting memories. The camaraderie and brotherhood that I share with the other students is Awesome. The teachers genuinely care about us and are very supportive. The resources that the school proves are excellent, and our coaches push and motivate us to achieve excellence.
The teachers who stuck around for 10+ years, who coached sports, and took the guys out on ski trips, rafting excursions, taught honors and AP... are all teaching the guys good habits to keep for the rest of their lives.
There are generous scholarships available for academic performance.
The priests and brothers were all cool and interesting men. Commaraderie was very good, all sports events and spirit days were very fun.
Students were not be too diverse ethnically but were very diverse in talents/ abilities.
Good environment.
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