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I absolutely loved attending Don Bosco. I was faced with so many opportunities to get involved in the classroom, on the court or field and volunteer at local events. The school pushed me to excel in my academics and strive to deliver the best results. I wouldn't be where I am today without the caring teachers, excellent community and overall education.
Small Catholic atmosphere with individual attention and community based. Encouraged morals and volunteering. They did lack some diversity.
Wonderful tight knit community. They are all involved and invested in the student body. The student outlook is very positive and they look out for each other. Academics and sports are both very important. We had Football Champions, Wrestling Champions and 3rd place Basketball teams this year.
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I think the education I received from Don Bosco was great in most cases, but lacking in a couple areas. It can be hard attending such a small school, because you don't necessarily get to chose your friends. This was difficult for me because at times I was bullied. Even though I was bullied, I was able to get through it. Don Bosco has given me many opportunities that I don't think I would receive otherwise. I have been able to travel to multiple states to volunteer my time and talents to help others. I have also been able to be involved in multiple activities in my school and church. Overall there are some downfalls of going to such a small school, but in the end it was well worth it.
This was a very good school. The teachers cared very much about their students success. The community around the school is top notch.
All the extracurricular activities are either before school, during or after. For example, Student Council and Yearbook will have meetings at least once a week in the mornings before school starts. Band and choir are during school. I would say Yearbook is probably one of the fun activities. I am not in yearbook, but from what people say it is fun.
I have gone to this school my whole life and I don't think I could ever switch to another school. This school is very welcoming and cares about the people in our community. I would come to this school again because I think it would be weird to go to any other school besides Bosco. This school also really cares about our education and making sure we are getting what we need to succeed.
The teachers at this school always want to help us students, especially the students that are struggling more. They are all very knowledgeable with what they are teaching. Sometimes grades go in a little slow, but they have a lot of other classes homework and tests to grade so it is understandable. Most of the teachers here always get a long with the students. Some are always happy to have us in class because we won't cause much trouble.
We are very good and hard working at everything. Our band is great and so are all of our sports. We all work hard and get what we deserve. Almost everyone is involved in something, which makes everything popular. Our participation numbers are awesome because everyone feels welcome to try something even if they don't feel comfortable doing it.
This school is great. Everyone is involved in everything and help each other get better at everything, sports and academics. We push each other to be better people and the community sport is amazing. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and everyone supports one another.
The teachers always make sure you understand something. They don't move on from something until they have taught it well and everyone knows it. They prepare us for tests and help us study. They are always available if we have problems and can always be contacted in a friendly manner.
There are spanish clubs, yearbook, and some others. The school supports these very well.
This school is very tight. We all know each other, so it makes it easy to get along or know most everyone. I would probably still go to this school, but somethings could change.
Teachers at this school are very helpful. They are willing to help if you come to them for it.
Things are pretty safe here
i have learned a lot and they bring my faith into my everyday life
They are hardworking and care about their students
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I would chose this school again if I could do it all over again due to its close knit community that is always there for you through academics and extra curricular activities. This school is unique for its use of faith in the classroom. Each class is filled with the spirit of the lord and it is very welcoming.
Most teachers in our school are very good at teaching. They are organized and know what they are going to teach us everyday. Most of the time the topics are interesting and engaging. They are consistent in grading are usually get grades in on time. But a few other teachers are not so organized and end up teaching us something different everyday without having a connection to what we learned the day before. Sometimes the teacher doesn't even teach the right topic that the class if for. They are also very unfair in grading and always put the grades in late.
Our school has overall been updated in the past few years causing it to look better and more modern. Our technology has improved immensely now students have their own computers. The guidance counselor is always finding new ways for us to prep for college and gives us multiple resources on ways we can be tutored. Parents involvement is very high in such a small school system. Parents are always in and out of the school if their is a problem. Busing in our school is shared with another school due to our inability to have the money for more buses. Busing is a smooth area but if school is cancelled it sometimes is tricky.
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