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Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School Reviews

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Don Bosco is a College preparatory school with the goal of getting students prepared for College and their Careers . They succeed this with their Corporate Work Study Program which allows each student to work once a week to earn money for their tuition and gain work experience. I transferred out of a public school my freshman year to attend this school and it was the best decision Ive made.
Something I like about Don Bosco Cristo Rey is their clubs and work study program. I really enjoy the community.
Don Bosco is a good school the people there make sure you’re good and support you in many activities.
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The things that I like about Don Bosco are the work-study program and the small community. It is a great opportunity for us teens to get familiar with jobs that we might take up one day and you can receive lots of help from teachers because of the small class size.
The things I liked about don Bosco Cristo Rey high school was how the school readiness for college from day one of entering the school they prepare the student for college. Also, I really love how supportive the teachers are and at times being honest, they give you the tough love because they want the student to succeed. I also enjoy the overall environment of the school because I am able to express myself and do things and start exploring for things that I enjoy to do whether it be sports, hobbies, and/or classes.
I like how Don Bosco not only cares about your education but also how they care about helping you decide what career you want to partake in after high school. The school is 100% there for you and will always have you in check so you can get back or stay on track for your path to college.
Excellent school! I give it a 5/5, it has great college counselors to prepare you for college starting as a junior till senior. Gives students a chance to work one day a week to help with tuition, which gives an amazing experience at a young age to work at law firms, hospitals and daycares.
I am currently a Junior at Don Bosco Cristo Rey and my experience over the last three years has been extremely good for me because I have grown as a young person. The teachers do actually care about the students success and knows the potential that we as students have. I'm happy to have gone to this school because it has changed me as a person in a positive way and I hope that the new incoming freshman will enjoy it as well.
Don Bosco Cristo Rey is a college preparatory school where the main focus is to be ready or prepared for college. The school gives out many opportunities to be accepted to colleges.
i mean its an okay school, needs more open minded staff and a better vice principle :/ Other wise the program like cwsp it helps teach you how work life can be and how hard money is earned especially if you work under someone. The college prep is for those looking forward to college but mostare afraid of growing up like me
Although the school is eleven years old, it’s really good. The teachers are the nicest and most helpful. The only problem is that since it’s new they are still changing things up to get the best system for the students and teachers.
Don Bosco really sets us up for college. Their curriculum is similar to the college curriculum. The teachers really care about the students being successful in the future and prepares them for the outside world.
My high school is one I didn't even want to go to. I didn't want to leave public school where all my so called friends were. It wasn't until I got there that I found out what it was like to have such good close friends. That is the thing I love about my school the friendships made there. Since, it is Catholic has repaired my relationship with god and my parents. Also the fact that it is a college preparatory school is amazing and they do a good job of trying to prepare us too. Lastly, the negative. As much as I love my school I don't like how strict the actual policies are. They mean well and I know that but it's always about work and being professional we aren't even allowed to fully dress down. We always have to pay to dress down, and we have a modified dress code for those days. So I feel like as good as their intentions are they should learn to let us have some more freedom to show our personalities.
Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School help students to accomplish their goal of attending college. This school, also support students academically and treat students like young adults to prepare them for college. Also, the corpate work study program makes Don Bosco unique because it gives the chance for students to experience the life of a college student by working and studying at the same time. Moreover, the corporate work study program also helps students identify what major they are interested in or what’s a profession they will like to work more in. Something that the school should change is giving more opportunities to take advance classes for college credits and more sports.
The mission is reduced to "some events". Christian values are not reinforced on the student life. Students have serious behavior deficiencies that are not treated but ignored. The reality of the academic chaos is obvious, but everybody stays quiet due to fear. The administration try desperately to keep a good image before parents, society, benefactors and religious organizations promoting "The student-worker" system but they are only concerned to maintain their good salaries. Students knows that most of their beloved teachers run from the school, but the administrationy pretends that that the school is OK.
Don Bosco is a high school dedicated to helping young adults from low-income communities succeed. They offer a private education at a fraction of the price.
The corporate work study program is excellent. However, the academic side of school is not as varied or challenging.
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It was a great experience, it has a good program which helps in the long run. It is a different experience from public or even other private schools.
Don Bosco Cristo Rey is a one of a kind school in which we get a sense of work in the real world.teachers are there to support us and to strive for all our goals we can do. Highly recommend this school
This is actually a good school, the tuition is not so high and students obtain experience in working at a professional workplace. In my time there, i have not witnessed or ever experienced bullying. The teachers are very close to the student and offering opportunities to help their education.
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