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Don Antonio Lugo High School Reviews

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I attended all 4 years of highschool and loved it compared to private schools. Since it is a smaller campus everyone knows everyone and we , for the most part , get along well .
I transferred to Don Antonio Lugo High School in 2018 and everyone was extremely welcoming! I made friends quickly and the teachers were very helpful in my time of confusion. The school has many different activities and clubs that include all kids, which was very comforting as a new student.
Don Antonio Highschool I saw not just a school but a family. Staff members make it their number one priority to make the school a comfortable environment for all the students.
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The staff tries really hard to create a fun, friendly, and interactive environment. However, the student body is not really responsive to these attempts. The school spirit is low unless its Milkcan. Even then, there are a lot of restrictions on what the students can do. Also, with a lot of AP classes being the same period, students have to pick and choose their priority classes instead of taking all the classes they want.
i loved the academic options i had at lugo. i had the chance to take alot of aps and the teachers genuinely care for our wellbeing and our educational growth.
The school over all is a good school the campus is small but the people there are all friendly and kind and the help from teachers is amazing and the principal is amazing and motivates us all to be involved in school
I went to Don Lugo High School for four years. It a great experience, I learned a lot of things and I got to meet the most amazing people there. The school really felt like a one family and one team.
Don Antonio Lugo high school is a successful school whether it be academic or athletics. Don Lugo is a family everyone knows each other and are involved. The teachers care for each and every student and put the extra time for us. The clubs can increase there is little in Lugo. In the end, Lugo is a friendly school and one that cares for your future.
I have attended Don Lugo since my Freshman year. I have enjoyed my time there and the bonds have made with my friends and teachers. I am impressed with some of the classes Don Lugo has to offer that other schools in my area don’t. For students to be involved in training guide dogs to the robotics program. Don Lugo is the only school in the area to have a robotic dog for their veterinary program. The sports programs that are offered are another reason why I love Don Lugo. I was a four year Varsity starter for softball. I have had three coaches in those four years that have encouraged me to the the best I can be. I really can’t think of anything I would change. I have enjoyed my time there and will be back occasionally to visit with the teachers that I have made bonds with.
While going to Don Lugo you are a part of a family and being such a small school you are able to connect better with everyone whether it’s students or teachers.
These past few years at Don Lugo have been good, there are some things I would change but I met a lot of people.
The environment could have been better. They could have been more open to getting students and parents involved.
I like how the school recognizes their academics and the students achievements. What I would like to see change is the favoritism. Our school tends to give the Football team a break on things and give them more recognition rather than their academics. I would also like to see change is the lack of attention their is for Academics.
I love don lugo it is a great school. I love the clubs they have and the sports. I love how everyone comes together during rallies. One thing i would like to have changed is that they should open more restrooms.
I enjoyed all the activities that Don Lugo has offered. They have many resources to help students, whether the help may be tutoring or information about colleges. The staff are extremely supportive and are involved with school spirit. The clubs and activities that Don Lugo offers are excellent, ranging from sports to after-school programs, such as FFA (Future Farmers of America) and many more.
Don Lugo has amazing staff and students. Due to its small population, it creates a sense of one big family.
I’ve attended the school all four years and as the years passed my opinion on Don Lugo has worsened. I came into the school believing my high school experience was going to be a great one. I was disappointed. While most of my teachers and sports were great, there was a lack of equality and justice within administration. The principal dismissed all situations the football students were involved in simply because she favored them more. While it might sound like a typical high school that revolves around the football team, it was a more bigger and complex situation than that. Sexual harassment was swept under the rug to favor the football team and their coaches. We were not aware of these situations until a school board member spoke about it on the local news. Administration was never helpful, and rather unprofessional and rude. This ruins multiples students high school experience into dreading being there or being scared to speak up because it would be swept under the rug.
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I loved the experience at Don Antonio Lugo School! The family based environment backed up by a well rounded community serves for a great facility to empower students to embrace any challenge. With signs of improvement, the curriculum that is given to the school can be corrected and further developed to better suit the students learning. In contrast to the development of the teaching of students in comparison to creating a test to standardize all students, the school should advocate for a more student focused exam for the standardized testing.
Don Antonio Lugo High School was a great 4 years of my life. The teachers cared about every student and wanted to see them succeed. The Principal of the school was dedicated to making the school a better place for all the students.The school is quite small ,but it makes for a better learning environment and makes the school feel like a family.
The school brings in students who are welcoming and the leadership students seem to always be interested in bringing a fun, positive atmosphere. Although the teachers studying A-G courses are not passionate and tend to put students out there in front of classmates. As long as you find what's fun for you there like a club or elective then you'll do more than fine with your friends participating in entertaining spirited school events.
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