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While Dominion has had its fair share of scandals, I still believe its one of the most challenging schools in the county, and the work load and high expectations prepared me well for college.
Dominion High School is one of the most diverse schools in Loudoun County. There are people of all races and ethnicities that are brought together. I am a part of the student council class at Dominion, and I really admire how much my school is able to unite together despite our differences. Being in student council has opened my eyes to how special our school is and how to help create and unite everybody at Dominion. The staff is also very caring of each student and faculty member. Our principal takes the time to get to know every single student that attends Dominion, which helps create a welcoming and safe environment. I am proud to say that I went to Dominion High School and am grateful for what I have been able to learn from the students and faculty.
The majority of my teachers at school are a great help to me. I think the faculty at dominion that are truly passionate about their job, are the ones I always see having an upbeat attitude and smile on their face. It is nice when you have the openness between a teacher, and someone that lets you enjoy what you are learning. The teachers that are genuinely trying to help their students are the ones that positively impact me the most, and will remember best. High-school can be difficult, but having good teachers and peers are what my high-school career worthwhile.
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Great school for anyone. Has great teachers, environment, athletics program, organization. I would definitely recommend this school.
Dominion High School has many dedicated, hard working staff members who truly care about the needs of the students. The students are obviously important to the faculty; however, as we change and differ from previous generations, the school does not seem to adjust with us. Some policies that have been effective in the past are no longer practical. This is a good school overall, but changes should be made to fit the changing student body.
The sports are the best thing about Dominion High school. The games, pep rallies, and school spirit. If I could change one thing, it would be the administration.
It has a great academic environment, however a lot of times class difficulty depends on the teacher that you get. Overall, it's a good school.
Dominion High School allowed me to be who I am. They taught me the importance of getting ready for college and also taught me what colleges are looking for. Being involved with the school's baseball and basketball teams taught me how to be a leader, team player, and how to work and communicate well with others. Dominion has done an amazing job preparing me for the college world.
At Dominion, students are encouraged and supported fairly well throughout their high school career. I personally have most appreciated the academic rigour and community feel however there are miniscule aspects that could be improved about the school such as the staff/administration. The challenge that the school presents academically is helpful in pushing students to achieve testing and volunteering goals. Also, participation and achievements are reinforced with awards and recognition. The community feel that exists allows students to feel comfortable in activities throughout the school day. Lastly, an improvement that would benefit the school is investing more time into selecting a strong staff. One that provides training that helps teachers teach better, as well as giving them tips on how to connect with students more.
Overall, as a junior at Dominion, I am pleased with my experience so far.
Dominion High School is a good school that somewhat prepares you for college. It is very good academically. I would like to see some change in diversity and bullying issues.
It has a lot of options in term of sports, activities, and academics. Most students are taking two to three AP courses while also being in Chior and a seasonal sport.
Dominion High School has great diversity and a very involved principal and administration. It's environment is very welcoming and it is a very active with it's clubs and inititiaves.
As a recent 2018 graduate, I can say that I am proud to be a Dominion High School alumni. The teachers and staff, especially the principal, prioritized the health and success of the students in the school over anything else which helped raise school spirit. The diversity within the students and staff in the school also helped me realize the amount of intersectionality between cultures and increased my appreciation for all people and their backgrounds. My one request is for teachers to hold each other more accountable for any unfair actions of discipline towards students. In other words, teachers should hear both sides of a story before agreeing with a disciplinary action that was placed on a student.
Dominion High Schools provides a competitive yet cooperative environment for students. There is a mix of extremely good and mediocre teachers. Sports and theater are not its strengths, but many students remain involved anyways. My biggest complaint is the decline of school spirit in recent years, which mostly derives from the administration's new strict rules about frivolous things.
I have been at Dominion High School for 4 years now and have loved every minute of it! They offer the best class courses with the most amazing Administration and supportive teachers.
Dominion High is a very good school. I really like their environment and how they care so much for everyone's safety. When I go to school I feel really safe and that's the most important thing. The teachers are all kind and put there while effort for the students to do good. I have been in Dominion High School since freshmen year and I have enjoy my 4 years a lot. This year will be my last year at Dominiom High School and I will never forget their kind and warm hearted staff. Personally Dominion high school is such a amazing school that I can't think of anything for them to change. Everything is well organized and perfect. I just will say I hope they keep it up and always be a wonderful school for many other students.
Once you look past the fact that you’re under constant stress and a lot of the teachers there don’t teach you the material properly, it’s a pretty great school.
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The learning environment at Dominion High school is good but the some of the teachers do not know the information they’re teaching enough. Especially for Advanced placement classes. Teacher should stick to in class instead of moving up to teach something else. Although this may beneficial to them, it is unfair to the students that have to be the guinea pigs becaus the teacher has never taugh that class. The principal is very nice but does not recognize that sometimes teachers change when they are around him. In school all students feel very protected because our school is safe. Overall, Domion high school is a good school but could use some changes in their teacher staff as well as their excessive homework.
Very nice school spirit and very much engaged in social and personal development. Very invested in transition from high school to college through special programs designed for interested students.
I like the environment around specific teachers and how they go about teaching as well as my peers. I feel some arbitrary rules need to be changed.
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