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I cannot speak highly enough about Dominion. It prepared me so well for college and life in general. The education was outstanding and I have found its rigor to be unmatched in any of the discussion-style classes I have since encountered in college. I am still in touch with several of my teachers, who have been incredible intellectual as well as spiritual mentors to me.
There are not too many extracurriculars, but this is to be expected considering the very small size of our school.
Everything about this school is great. I would say that the work load is challenging, and I probably spend too much time on homework, but the teachers and staff work extremely hard to make this load manageable.
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I love my teachers because they are not just fantastic at teaching--they are deep, mature, and amazing people. Some of the greatest role models of my life have been teachers at this school.
This was a ridiculous question. When I clicked "very accepting" it could be misleading if it is thought to include all three examples (one has never even been an issue). The families that tend to apply to this school are conservative, but from various ethnic and religious backgrounds. I would say that students feel very welcome regardless of their ethnic or specific religious background.
The guidelines for dress requirements and behavior are strict, but they are there to have the school look like a learning environment. Not many like the rules, but the rules are there for a reason and therefore should be and are followed.
The teachers genuinely care about the students and give all the help that the student asks for. The students do have to take initiative and ask the teachers for help, but the teachers are always willing to help. The classrooms are very open in that most classes are discussion based, which is mostly led by the students.
The teachers actually care about all the students, taking time out of their day to help and have emailing hours for outside of the school day. The workload is difficult but most students handle it with ease, others are able to get the help they need. The literary curriculum is the best part of the school through the classics read and all the different discussions about the books.
College prep is very important at the school, starting from 9th grade and sometimes even middle school. Time is taken from the week several times to help the students work on resumes and college applications. The school location has switched several times so it has been a bit difficult to settle in, but the administration has been working on a more permanent location to be used this year.
Clubs have been a recent addition to the school in the past year and while they are not the best, they have grown and have a steady group of participants. The teacher supported clubs are either free or very inexpensive and different options include the art club and photography club. As the school grows, the students are hoping to expand the clubs by perhaps leading some or getting more teacher support for the clubs.
It's not the typical high school experience but it is worth it. There is a huge focus on rhetoric and communication skills, more so than several other schools. The sports are lacking; however, the community can make up for that loss. It is a good school to start preparing students for the world.
Everyone is very accepting of each other, considering the fact it is high school. Many are committed to helping others who have a harder time fitting in and there are hardly any that do not get along with the general populous.
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