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This is an Academic school for performing students. The teachers and staff are great your child will not just be a number at this school. They will be valued, appreciated and respected. The students learn academically and morally. When my child is at school I know he is safe and not being bullied. This is a great school I highly recommend it.
Dominion Academy of Dayton is a small private Christian school. I love that our school is like a family. Class size is usually between 5 to 10 students. Teachers are subject matter experts, and they love their students! Students who graduate Dominion consistently perform at the highest level in college. Dominion prepares students to be involved citizens, loving Christians, engaging leaders and academics. I can't recommend this school enough!
This is a small, tight community. You know everyone, no one is left out, and you get one on one time with teachers whenever you need it.
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My experience at Dominion Academy has been amazing. Not only have I been able to make many friends, I have also had the chance to excel academically. Dominion Academy has served a major role in preparing me for college. In fact, many students at Dominion Academy take college classes through Ohio's College Credit Plus program while in high school. At the high school, I am given many opportunities to express my opinion about a variety of topics, and my classmates do the same. At all times, even though classmates may have differing opinions, a peaceful environment without rude argument is kept. This school has allowed me to form my opinions without forcing their own opinions on me, shaping who I am today.
Health and Safety is not one of the most prevalent things advertised at Dominion Academy. However, about twice a year guest speakers will discuss topics such as what to do in a medical emergency, saving sex for marriage, and bullying. Also, when there is a disagreement between students that will cause tension, the faculty is not afraid to get involved when appropriate. For example, when someone is being bullied. However, I feel that more extensive measures should be taken to create awareness in the students and in the school as a whole.
Student clubs/activities are very easy to get involved with. I myself was in Student Government and National Honors Society for three years each. The school doesn't offer many clubs unless the students initiate the creation. However, it is not difficult for students to "fit in" without a specific club, because the school is so small and many out of school activities still include the majority of the student body.
This school is very unique and special. They offer small classroom dynamics unlike any other school and a very focused on the individuals that attend. However, the administrative side to the school is not up to great standards. They have a tendency to change school policy, enforce unreasonable rules and restrict things that should not be restricted. But overall, this school teaches its students well and goes above and beyond to prepare them for college.
The teachers are Dominion Academy have a very personal relationship with the students, which helps to excel the classroom experience. A student is unafraid to ask questions outside the classroom, to have a normal one on one conversation with teacher, etc. The best teachers will change their teaching style to better accommodate the students, and create the best classroom experience possible. When a student is struggling, teachers will offer help and resources for the student to raise his or her grades.
I learn a lot but the work load it kind of hard to deal with sometimes.
There is a friendly atmosphere and there are several foreign students.
soccer and basketball are popular and National Honor Society is important. they also have seasonal events.
we only have soccer and basketball played at the local sports center. There are four soccer teams in the school who play against each other and the basketball games are played against other churches or private schools.
The principal of the school can be helpful in teaching some valuable things, but she teaches many classes and runs a small business so she can be forgetful. Most of the teachers are easy to get along with and can come up with creative ways to help teach the material.
DA is located in a church. The building itself is old but is being renovated. There is a computer lab with several computers available. Numerous classes are either AP or Honors, and all classes are rigorous. Tutoring is available if needed. Teachers are always willing to help, and students can be matched with peer tutors when needed. Parent involvement is very high at DA. Parent/family volunteer hours are required, but many parents volunteer above and beyond the required number of hours. Busing is not available, and private transportation is used. DA's academic advisors are extremely helpful in dealing with course requirements and educational plans.
Because DA is such a small school, they do not have sports facilities of their own. They have to rent space for soccer and basketball. The soccer fields DA rents are nice. The gyms for basketball are okay but nothing fancy. Money is an issue. DA has had intramural soccer for a few years and this year began an interscholastic team. There has been great participation in soccer. The girls' basketball team has been going strong for quite some time, but school support has been lacking. The boys' basketball team disbanded a few years ago but has been brought back this year with great support. DA has had a track team in the past but not now. Because DA is very homeschool friendly, the teams - basketball in particular - have many homeschoolers who play.
DA is small and does not offer many clubs or sports. However, those that are offered are lots of fun with great adult leadership. The girls' basketball team members are especially close. The girls' and guys' groups that meet once a month outside of school are fairly well attended and lots of fun. These groups help in the closeness of students at school. Administrative support for sports has increased in the past couple of years.
DA is a small private school. The teachers work hard to provide extra help when needed. It is a tough academic school with a heavy workload, but in the end it is worth it when students go to college and feel prepared to meet the demands of that setting. Because everyone hangs out in the same study hall when they are not in class, people really get to know each other across grade and age ranges. There is always someone around who is playing the piano or guitar, and several students might gather to sing. DA is a pretty special place.
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DA is an excellent school for preparing students for college. It is set up on a university based model using a classical education approach. Most students who go to college find that the transition is not as difficult for them as it is for others, especially those who come from the public school system. DA grads are well prepared in analytical skills and writing ability. Several AP classes are offered, and DA has a very high pass rate for AP tests. Most of the students go to college in some capacity. DA's academic director is extremely helpful in finding opportunities for students to earn scholarships.
Dominion Academy is a fairly safe place. The doors are always locked, and visitors must ring the doorbell before being allowed to enter. There is a camera outside so the administrative assistant can see who is at the door. There is an alarm that is set whenever nobody is in the building. DA fulfills the required number of fire drills and tornado drills. Just recently the fire marshal has inspected our facility and made recommendations for improvements which have been implemented.

DA has a school nurse but she is off-site. She comes in when needed to make presentations, supply expertise for a given situation, offer suggestions for students with special medical needs, etc. All teachers are given a list of students with special medical conditions so that they are aware of any needs.
Since the school is located in downtown Dayton, the administration takes many steps to minimize risk. All outside doors remain locked, and there are security cameras inside and outside the building. The doors are monitored via camera feed and upperclassman volunteers, and only students and their parents are allowed in the building. All other visitors, minus the mailman, must sign in at the office.

Because Dominion Academy is such a small Christian school (about 150, students total, K through 12), bullying is not really an issue. If something were to come up, the staff would promptly deal with the problem.
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