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I had an amazing high school experience! The teachers and counselors are top-notch. You truly become a family in this tight-knit community. I would recommend it to everyone.
We are parents to a current student. Dominican offers very strong academics, great opportunities for participation and wide-ranging extracurriculars (sports, clubs during the school day, theatre, arts), engaged and knowledgeable teachers, a spirit and culture of inclusiveness, and fostering students to be their best.
Perfect fit for our daughter attending high school for her first year. From the initial first visit through the whole application process, our entire family was so welcomed and everyone from the administration really made our daughter feel like she belongs with tons of support while encouraging her to be involved. We are so happy that she’s happy and enjoying her first year in High School. Their goal is to know every student by their name and they really make everyone feel like being a part of the Dominican family!!!!
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I will give Dominican props for giving me great friends. I experienced tremendous stress and depression during my high school years and Dominican catered to that well, felt like I had a family. The things that keep it from being 5 stars are minor, suspect staff, strict dress code, forced activities, nothing major.
What I like about Dominican is the small community allows everyone to build relationships with each other. Therefore, creating a close and connected, family-like community. Everyone truly cares about others wellbeing at the school.
Overall I liked how small the number of people per class and in the school in general there was. However the school wasn't very diverse. I will give it to the school that they were trying to make it more diverse, but in doing so the school began increasing their number of students in each grade. Grades and classes began to look too packed for my liking. The teacher were very friendly and nice and overall there was home feeling to the school in general.
Dominican has provided me with endless opportunities throughout my four years of high school. I was able to try out many things I never would have considered if not for constant encouragement from students and faculty. I eventually found my place on the KnightLife team, which gave me the chance to be a leader at a school that treated me so well. The people at this school are the kindest and most welcoming people, no matter where you come from. I feel confident that I will excel in college thanks to the academics and amount of preparation I have been offered here. I was the first of my family to attend, but my younger siblings all plan to attend Dominican for high school. The Dominican spirit will truly stay with me for the rest of my life.
Dominican was the average high school experience. I enjoyed going to football and basketball games on Fridays with friends, attending the theater shows, and overall class experience. However, one thing I would change would be the club and activities. Our club only met once every two weeks which really limited the students from involving themselves. If clubs and activities were more available, my experience would have been much more exciting. The academics at the school are great. The teachers get to know you one on one which I personally really liked. Although they are great, I expected a little more the college readiness area.
Very close-nit community with a rigorous curriculum to prepare kids for college. Teachers are willing to provide help and assistance to those students who request help. Also, the school offers a variety of clubs/organizations that students can participate in. As well as several volunteer opportunities.
I like how small it is and that it has a wide variety of activities to do. But I wish the staff were more diverse.
I made great friends here. It needs better teachers in the math department but otherwise it's decent.
It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school. It is a wonderful school.
My child flourished here academically and athletically. The school’s dedication to its students coupled with community service is great cultivation of intelligent, civic minded adult.
Dominican is a real community. People treat each other as family. They might have different opinions occasionally, but the respect is real. A great, diverse school.
I graduated Dominican in 2016, and could not have asked for a better high school experience. The teachers and staff know the students very well and encourage them to get involved. After one year in college, I have realized how much Dominican has prepared me, in regards to academics and community involvement. The Dominican Family is like no other.
Dominican provided our daughter with the most incredible high school experience we could have ever wished for. She was highly prepared for college because of an exceptional faculty and curriculum, endless leadership opportunities and a solid foundation of her faith. We are grateful for Dominican High School.
There is no place like Dominican where you are pushed to excel, supported when you struggle, and embraced as part of an unbelievable community every day.
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6 years out of a high school, I look back knowing that the reason I am who I am is because of Dominican. Not only was I overly prepared for college, but I entered the world knowing myself, my values, and my faith. The greatest people I have ever met are Dominican Knights. And they are also the smartest--my high school friends and I graduated from esteemed universities with honors and have since gone on to receive Masters degrees from schools such as Notre Dame, Georgetown Law, Boston University, and Northwestern.
Dominican offers a level of education that no other school can match. Not only do the classes prepare you to excel in college, but Dominican is a family built out of many many different kinds of people. There is no better preparation for the real world than knowing how to understand an issue from someone else's perspective.
I loved the atmosphere here. I was pretty much friends with everyone in my class, as well as many students in other grade levels. I'm going to miss my family and the teachers that were more like friends and mentors to us.
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