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Dominican Academy has a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment. The faculty set the bar high but give assistance to any student who requires it. Also, the social justice program encourages girls to be “a woman for others.”
I am interested in the sciences. There is a very strong STEM program, as well as various clubs that further my interest and let me explore topics I love.
At Dominican Academy, I have found a small community of creative, vibrant, & intellectual minds. While at first, I struggled to find my place, I can now call Dominican Academy a school I am so grateful to be at. Dominican Academy was the place that allowed me to write and direct my first one-act play, the place that encouraged me to strengthen my beliefs, the place that exposed me to culture with its lovely field trips and community outreach. The teachers I have had are truly amazing in that they challenge you and prepare you for college. I truly believe there is no other place where I would have had the ability to sit in a classroom and admire my peers for their confidence and knowledge. Dominican Academy is a place for girls to develop into leaders and to connect with others who want to achieve great things in life.
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DA offers an excellent education in an environment that is welcoming, encouraging and kind. Young women from all backgrounds are inspired to be active members of the academic and spiritual community in a variety of ways. While the workload requires commitment to study and strong organizational skills, my daughter is thriving with the support of administration and faculty. She has made lovely friends and my husband and I have met other caring parents through meetings and school social events. I have seen my daughter develop greater confidence and independence with commuting to NYC. There are so many benefits that the school and city offers. I don’t believe she would have grown as much as she has if she attended a suburban high school. DA’s size, academic and club offerings and values were the right choice.
I love everything about Dominican Academy. Each and every teacher and administrators are very supportive . Our President Sister Margaret is so loving , caring and nurturing. This is the place I want to be when I’m not at home. Thank you so much for helping me attaining my goals and dreams in life. I will be forever grateful.
I studied and worked hard as a D.A. girl. I juggled classes (A.P. Art History with the brilliant Rita Salfeld, A.P. English, and A.P. History were my favorites) and extracurriculars (Mock Trial Team, Student Prints Newspaper), and learned to manage my time. I was well-prepared and comfortable speaking up in my NYU undergrad (and law) classes, thanks to my Dominican Academy education.
As an alumna of Dominican Academy, I can truly say that my experiences here truly shaped my life for the better. The academics are rigorous but so rewarding. I was well prepared for college and felt comfortable speaking up in classes. Attending D.A. opened my eyes to all the cultural opportunities that New York has to offer. I went on to study arts and communications and now have a job I love. Additionally, some of my closest friends are from high school many of whom I now consider sisters. I consider myself so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.
Dominican Academy is a close knit community that offers an all-honors curriculum to smart girls in a nurturing atmosphere. The community and faculty are wonderful.
The worst mistake we made was sending our daughter there. The students were either extremely socially awkward and solely interested in school, or they were bragging about their sex life. Not a normal school. In addition to studying diligently, you are supposed to have some fun in high school. Some of the teachers are horrible and enjoy embarrassing the students. There is no reason on earth to humiliate someone. Truly don't know how some of the teachers got hired. Admin also did not help the girls with the college application process; students were left to their own devices to figure it out. Many of the girls were also incredibly nasty and cliquey. They were obviously not taught kindness and respect by their parents. Lots of the girls cheated their way through DA, so do not be fooled into thinking the students are all incredibly intelligent. If I could give DA 0 stars, I would.
As anAlum, I am so grateful for the academic foundation DA gave me, for the friendships I continue to enjoy, and for the nurturing of my faith that has supported me in my life's journey. I am delighted to see that DA continues to provide an environment not only of academic excellence but also one which encourages its students to recognize their unique strengths.
DA is a small school that still manages to offer an amazing number of opportunities to its students. The small class size ensures that no student is a number—every girl is valued as an individual and is helped to succeed. I love the community I’ve found here. The curriculum is challenging, but I know I will be prepared for college and whatever else lies ahead. I’m so happy I chose DA and know I will have these friendships for a lifetime!
I am so grateful to have spent my formative years at D.A. Here, I found a second family, true sisterhood, and compassionate and passionate educators who pushed me to learn and grow. I was so shy and self-conscious in middle school and my friends and teachers at D.A. saw things in me I didn't see in myself. I learned so much, both in the classroom and in life. The community here is amazing--there are so many fun traditions and events that are really special. I know I will always have a second home at D.A.
As the parent of a daughter, I have a newfound appreciation for my alma mater -- recently-renewed from bottom (two science labs in the basement) to top (roof garden) with more classrooms, central AC, and enhanced technology. With a challenging, all-honors college prep, D.A. celebrates young women from all cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Through a curricular- and community- commitment to service, D.A. empowers students to advocate for social justice. Alumnae continue this promise to peace as physicians and professors, jurists and journalists, entrepreneurs and executives, working and volunteering with developing areas and families in need.

I am reminded of the D.A. sisterhood when welcomed home often to meet and mentor students, and to connect and collaborate with sister alumnae. D.A. is a family I hope to share with my daughter.
Stressed out students way too much work constantly giving us tests.Freshman year was the easiest after that you have no life.Some teachers and faculty needs to be replaced.If I had to do it all over again I would not have came to this school.
I absolutely love DA! Whenever I have an issue on my work I can always reach out to the teachers and they're happy to meet before or after school to explain. One time I had a family issue and missed a couple of days of school and when I came back, all the teachers welcomed me and made sure I got notes and work that I had missed. The students are also amazing and supportive as well. I may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, especially on Mondays, but once I'm at school, the warm atmosphere is enjoyable to be in. One small issue I have is that 1 or 2 of the teachers can't always be reached by email and that can get frustrating occasionally. However, I truly do love being at DA, and I highly recommend it!
First off...DO NOT SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE. While the school seems appealing at first, once you enter you’ll soon realize that for your next four years you’ll probably be under enormous stress. You have no life and all you do is study. Don’t expect to have a lot of free time. The administration has absolutely no compassion for any student. All they care about is the ranking of the school and money. It is not worth the money you pay for the school. I have 1 other child. She attends St. Vincent Ferrer and loves it. It is a completely different environment. Administration is a joke, and if I could go back, I would not have sent my daughter to this school.
When I first entered DA, I expected a wonderful high school experience with lifelong friends and a great education, however, since starting school here I have been extremely let down. The girls here are really cliquey so if you're not in their group don't expect many friends, you will have a few at most. Also, my grades have gotten much worse since coming here. I was a straight A student before coming here, now my grades are struggling and it has me so stressed for college, I am seriously worried, it's affecting my mental health and it doesn't help that teachers are horrible at scheduling tests and don't really care for how you feel. I am glad I only have a year left here. With that said, there are some good teachers and fun experiences during your time here, however, I would not recommend this school especially if you're looking for a fun high school experience and want to be your best, and if I could go back in time I definitely would not choose this school.
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Horrible! If you want to have normal high school experience and have fun, do not go here. Students like to study astrophysics and molecular biology in their free time. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ONE OUNCE OF ENJOYMENT HERE! Be prepared to be miserable. Other schools have exciting events and celebrate seniors, while DA tortures their students. Also, there is SUCH an extreme political bias. Teachers should keep their political opinions to themselves, as it is INCREDIBLY unprofessional and one sided. Simply horrendous
I have attended Dominican Academy for the past four years of my life. I feel that this school still needs some major updates. For example, the teachers are not helpful and often leaves students not knowing the material for the test. The school also needs to be more technology friendly.
This school is not for the feeble. It demands discipline, accountability, perseverance and responsibility. Just the kind of school that my daughter is thriving at. Caring warm staff that encourages girls to be smart.
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