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I like the programs and opportunities this school offers. It needs a little bit of improvement on the buildings.
What I like about Dominguez are the programs that are offered there and since we’re in a poor community we get free application when we apply to a college.
My experience at Dominguez High School has actually been life changing because at first when I arrived as a freshman it was very difficult because I couldn't fit in any groups , until sophomore year I joined Advance Placement classes and I started to feel more like myself. I really like that Dominguez Highschool offers many Advance Placement class for everyone , including students who come from Mexico and don't know the language English .
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To overall rate my experience in Dominguez High school, I would personally say most areas can be improved. With the change of principal, we were able to input many programs to try and help the upcoming classes. For instance, the school started Link Crew to help better guide the future generation in hopes they do better than the generation and classes before them. Overall, we are far from perfect, slowly but surely there has been minor improvement.
The teachers are incredible, but the district depicts otherwise. Much of the focus is on the football team rather than those who excel academically.
I liked the diversity among the teachers and how engaged they are in helping students succeed in their academics.
Dominguez High School has definitely improved on every aspect since I first got there for my sophomore year in 2015. I am now a Dominguez Alumni. In those three years when I was there, I've seen countless brawls among students, threats to the school, and new principal, etc. Although this school has gone through many bad reports, this school also overcame a lot of the drama. The new principal, Mr.Watson, is doing such an amazing job changing the school overall. He's more involved than the previous principal and shows that he cares for his students and staff. Instead of being locked away in his office, he's actually being apart of the culture that he wants to see his school begin to be. Overall, the school has improved tremendously over the past two years since I graduated in 2018.
The school during the time I studied there was very chaotic. The administration often lacked empathy for the students but there were various members who truly cared for the students. From the last I’ve heard it has improved and partially because during my years of attending we fought hard to keep the reputation of the school.
There was always something going on. I was tracked into great classes that I feel have allowed me to succeed but many of my peers didn't have the same opportunity.
It is an excellent school with a great high school experience and atmosphere. I’d like to see the school do something about the problem with school smoking.
My experience with Dominguez High School was subpar. It was not a bad school, but there certainly was not anything outstanding about it. There were a lot of fights there, however. Once, I saw an ambulance as I left to go home; a student had stabbed someone. I switched schools fairly quickly.
Worst school ever.

The school didn't even mention SATs or the ACT when I was attending. Counselors, admin, and most teachers couldn't care less and were very discouraging. Fights would break out constantly and there was rampant drug use.

Do NOT send your children here if you love them! There are plenty of better schools around the area you can transfer them to with an intra-district permit.
The stereotypes surrounding the school are always very negative however the school provides us ,the students, with many opportunities to succeed in our roads to college.
Dominguez High School is a very great school. Although some of the buildings need a bit remodeling, it’s all together very good. It’s not about the physical environment. It’s about being felt safe and loved, it’s about getting a quality education and that is what is being achieved here at Dominguez High School.
Dominguez high school it’s a nice environment. There are a lot of teachers who are willing to teach, and some who need improvement. There are many resources available. Such as tutoring; which is available in the library before and after school, and multiple classrooms, and an avid.There needs to be more diverse culture and friendliness.
I liked that it was a very diverse campus. In terms of school lunch I feel like it could be healthier. Less packaged foods should be given. Meals should be made by the cooks, for that to be made possibly then more cooks should be hired. Also restrooms were tried to be kept clean but students trashed them. Some of the students needed more home training. Overall, the teachers were good. Shout out to Mr. Striegl and Mr.Johnson for making learning fun.
My first year at this school was sort of scary for me because I did not know what to expect, but I saw that the culture and focus on academics was becoming better slowly throughout the years. My most favorite part about my time at this school was the drastic change our school administration had. It really changed the school for the better and we all accepted the team with open, loving arms. My class had so many resources that will certainly help us in our future lives, whether it be getting a job or for applying to colleges. Hopefully the school continues to change for the better throughout the next few years.
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Great programs, Helpful Teachers, School staff always there to help all students and families with issues.
I like the teachers here. As a freshman, there was a nice welcoming. Some teachers here are very good.
We are working to better our school spirit and end the stigma of lower income communities. We are speaking of real world problems answer preparing all student for the future.
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