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Dolphin Park High School Reviews

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I came to Dolphin Park because I needed to catch up on missing high school credits. While the school helped me achieve that goal and I was able to receive my diploma, the school is very harsh. Everyday you have to walk through a metal detector, have your bag searched and confiscated along with your phone, and there is a security guard constantly lurking. The atmosphere is stifling. There is also not enough teachers for the amount of students and not all of the teachers are even good at their job or willing to help.
You can work on your courses at your own pace, but it can be hard concentrate at times because it can get noisy.
An anti-bullying campaign was launched by school administration, as well as an educational seminar on AIDS/HIV and other STDs. Students were also allowed to attend fairs that had many different charities and organizations that offered assistance to pregnant women, the homeless, the LGBT community, and those with medical disabilities, including mental illness. In addition, the school had a metal detector in order to prevent electronics or weapons from entering the building. City police officers also monitored students after dismissal and scoped out loiters.
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As Dolphin Park is a small charter school, all of the staff remained actively involved with their students. From the principal to the security guard, everyone kept up with students' progress as well as their personal life, if needed. Bullying was minimal due to this, as well as peer pressure. The dress code was particularly strict, as all students had to wear a color-specific polo that was administered by grade. An active attendance was required, and failure to meet this requirements resulted in school suspension. Electronics, including cell phones, were taken and kept in a safe upon daily entry to the school, and if caught with any, the student would be automatically suspended. Though there were many rigid rules, it made for an environment free from external distractions.
The school did not have a cafeteria. However, the vending machines were loaded with a variety of cheap snacks to get one through the day.
I enjoyed my time at this school for several reasons. The teachers and staff were warm and friendly, and often engaged in conversations with all the students. Most of them would motivate students to finish their classes, or adjust their priorities. It was reassuring to know that people were on your side, and genuinely had your best interest at heart. Though some were dismayed at the lack of direct attention from the guidance department, I was rather delighted. It pushed me to vigorously push myself to align my requirements for graduation. The ability to work at my own pace allowed me to finish my classes quickly and efficiently, as well as create my own test dates and project deadlines. For these reasons, I would definitely choose this school again.
After graduation, I was able to continue working part-time and apply for different universities. The independence and flexibility of my high school allowed me to take on individual projects, such as writing short stories, while excelling in time management. I feel more than ready for the life I will live.
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