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Dolores High School is a great school for students to learn and grow because of the dedication the teachers show their students. In this school, teachers help students with their academic needs by setting examples, giving out resources, and one-on-one tutoring. This school also provides students with afterschool sports that allow students to enjoy their time with other classmates and friends. However the one thing that can change from this school would be the lack of club activities. Which if there were any it would help the school prosper and have enthusiastic students. I can say students and alumni love Dolores High School.
I liked the opportunity of dual enrollment. I will graduate high school with 34 college credits because of this advantage.
I really like how amazing the teachers are at getting you through the class and making you feel comfortable in their class. I also like how great the administration has been on making me feel comfortable at the school.
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I have always felt safe at Dolores High School. There are cameras around campus, connected to a computer in our main office that is monitored all day. Not much bullying happens, unless it is on social media or texting. We have lock down drills and fire drills pretty regularly to make sure students know what to do in case of an emergency. All outside doors are locked at all times. There is only one school nurse campus-wide, K-12, which is not very good. High school and middle school students have to walk all the way to the Elementary school to go see the nurse.
There is a large focus on athletics at Dolores High School. Multiple other extracurricular opportunities are available, but most of the support goes to sports. Parents do not get very into other clubs, and the administration doesn't give much support to clubs. All fundraising is done within the groups, and many of the groups are made up of the same few people. There are not very diverse options for groups, but the motivation for students to create their own clubs is not very high.
Dolores High School is a small school with about 200 students in the entire student body. This leads way to small classroom numbers, making everyone's educations more individualized. There are many clubs and sports to join, and there is no limit on the number of activities students can take part in. This helps teach students to manage their time and be involved in the school community.
The teachers at Dolores High School show great interest in every student, promoting learning in every class. Many of the teachers are very passionate about what they are teaching, which makes the lessons more enjoyable. Most of the teachers are very approachable, and each teacher has an email account which students can send emails to in order to communicate efficiently.
There is very little diversity ethnicaly. Also acceptance of different sexual orientation is very low. Students are very judgmental and unexposed to differences.
A much needed improvement would be the addition of tutor time given after school which students can depend on. Having a few days out the week for blocks of time for students to get the help they need. Teachers try to help students although this isn't always dependable because teachers also have places to be. Also having a wider choice of classes to take would benefit students who are interested in college and allow students to be exposed to more diverse subjects.
There is not enough extracurricular activities outside of school that are not athletic. In the past there has been many cuts to the theater department and there is not enough programs in the art department. There is no after school programs for high school kids. Teachers try to be available although this is not always reliable for students.
The administration has leaders who are responsive to the students and care about maintaining friendly contact with students. Most teachers are responsive to students and are attentive to the students needs. However, there is not enough funding for programs and clubs for the arts and other non athletic activities.
There is not enough funding to supply supplies, new books, clubs or groups.
Most kids are pretty healthy, some bad apples though.
There is very little in the way of after-school activities aside from athletics. Most kids either play sports or just go home and hang out with their friends.
The school is nice, although at times there are confrontations. It's small, so everyone knows everyone, which creates a good atmosphere for most, but causes some kids to be left out.
The teachers rally do go above and beyond in most cases. some may be a little polarizing, but they all teach well and have a sold understanding of what the students' needs are.
Most of the students here participate in athletics however, there is not a good variety of sports to choose from at all (the school only offers basketball, football, volleyball, and wrestling and I cannot think of any other type of fitness program besides the few number of sports). The students and community are lacking school spirit nowadays although school spirit was very strong a few years back which may be because the teams are getting way worse each year. As far as the athletic facilities go, the main gym and the weight room are well-maintained, even though they are not the largest, and new locker rooms have been built.
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As with any school lunch, there are good days and there are bad days for the school's food.
There hasn't been a safety issue at this school in some time. Other that the occasional kid who might bring in a knife with their lunch to cut the food they brought from home, which has always just been a case of just not knowing better.
The teachers in this school are top notch. They care about almost all of their students. Sure there are those kids that the teachers are just always aggravated with, but for the most part, they look past that and try to help everyone equally in order to help everyone succeed in their education.
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