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Dollarway High School Reviews

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What I like about Dollarway High School is that there are programs made available to students who want to seek a higher education. I like the the teachers try their best to connect with and help their students. Personally, I would like for the school board to improve. There is so much room for important with the school and the district, but it seems as if the school board does not care. The relationship between the school board, faculty and students needs room for improvement.
My experience at Dollarway High School has been a roller coaster. I have great teachers and the administration as a whole wants to see the student body succeed. However, resources are poor and our facilities gravely need to be updated.
Dollarway is a great school. I got to see y’all today I gotta get you What you tryna get to do you want go to sleep and then go to get a ride to the park to go to get your hair and stuff you can
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Dollarway High School was the most time of my memories. It was the best of time but was also the worst of times.
I like the sense of family at the school. It is something else to know that everyone in your class knows each other and have grown up together over the years. I would like to see a change in their maintenance of the grounds and an increased focus on students.
What I like about Dollarway was the staff how they made sure every teacher teach. Another thing was I did like the athletic program .
My experience at Dollarway was fantastic, I enjoyed every moment and day at Dollarway High School. It feels good being at a school that cares and teaches you many things. But, what I mostly loved about Dollarway is that it's a high school a like no other, it truly and all ways will feel like home.
My experience at Dollarway High School is not a very good one. There isn't much diversity, and the school in general could be in a better condition. There are teachers who do not actually teach his or her class, so students are forced to use other resources in order to get their homework or schoolwork done.
Dollarway High School is a fairly good school. Most of the teachers are good at teaching and most of the teachers just hand out work. A few of our books were old and pages were ripped out. We didn't have enough books for my AP class because it was so many of us. We didnt have many electives to choose from but the counselor always made sure you were on the right track to graduate. I enjoyed cheering and dancing for Dollarway High School but many of our coaches weren't right for the job. They took their position to a whole other level and they were very unprofessional. Dollarway High School offered tutoring for students who need it and teachers offered helped outside of school hours. We had many teachers leave but we always gained good one ones. It may seem like my school was horrible but I loved attending there and my classmates.
Dollarway have zero topic for bullying! The school nurse keeps updates on students with illnesses.
They do not take most of the clubs serious like other schools besides FCCLA.
When i first started at Dollarway as a 9th grader the school was a total wreck. The only thing that i enjoyed were the sports. If i could do it all over again I would choose another school because Dollarway doesn't get that much attention when it comes down to academics.
The teachers at Dollarway High School use the same teaching style which sometimes gets boring. They will work with you at and outside of school.
The social scene at this school is that everyone really get along with one another.
The academics at this school could be better.
The health and safety policies of my school is average. The staff does everything they can to make sure we that we are in a safe environment.
I wouldn't say that the extracurricular opportunities are the best, but they are okay. They're not too bad.
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I would t want to do it again, but I enjoyed it.
This school has a very good curriculum and some teachers are nice and genuinely care but some have nasty attitudes and there is a lot of petty drama sometimes
Not everybody put in effort
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