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Dollar Bay High School Reviews

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The teachers at Dollar Bay are amazing. The classes are engaging. The classes are also a smaller size. The school is so small that the students know everyone. There's a few cons to this list though. The text books and technology are all outdated and falling apart, but other than that, this is a great school.
A wide variety of classes are available to students in addition to required core classes. The school year is a tri-mester schedule with longer class periods which allows for this.This makes workload easier as they only have four core classes a day per each tri-mester. Teh students like it and the parents like it!
Sports are the main extra-curricular activity at the school, and there is band and choir. Also, student council and yearbook class/club. There may be others but I am not aware of them, my son does not participate. It is also a small school, average 30 per grade.
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The teachers here are very knowledgeable, accommodating, and fair. They are well-liked by students AND parents! and haven't met a teacher yet who would not go the extra mile for a student.... that says a lot!
My child transferred to this school his Junior year and is a lot happier than at his other school. This school is smaller but is SO big in what it has to offer! It also is unique in that it runs a tri-mester year vs a two-semester year; only four core subjects per day with a longer class period... so many benefits to this! and it enables a more varied curriculum for students.The faculty and staff are the best too! Wish we would have transferred our son sooner but at least he has two good years of high school to look back on :)
This school is a very safe and secure school. The teachers are extremely caring and bullying is not tolerated, though at times it still occurs, just like at many other schools I'm sure. The students, for the most part, are caring as well.
I don't take hot lunch, so I don't exactly know how the food is. A lot of students aren't too fond of the food options, but the food is normally fine. There are healthy food options and if someone has a dietary restriction it's accommodated for.
The administration and policies are like any other school. Respect is an extremely important idea at this school. The principal and superintendent discipline appropriately. It's not severely strict, but not too lenient either.
I'm not involved in sports, but what I know the sports and fitness at this school is great. The coaches are awesome and the sports teams have gone very far at times. Everyone supports each other and teamwork is extremely prevalent at this school.
The teachers are genuinely good. They care and show appreciation, and they teach lessons with fun and creativity. They are great people.
This school is very small so there aren't a ton of extracurricular activities to get involved in. There are some, though, including many sports like volleyball, track, football, hockey, and basketball. There aren't many clubs.
I can honestly say that Dollar Bay is a very educational and fun place to learn. Dollar Bay is the type of school where everyone gets along and we treat each other like family no matter what. We protect each other and care for one another.
When it comes to bullying, or personal safety Dollar Bay keeps things in line. There are very few times when teachers or other faculty will not do something about bullying.
The food isn't all the best but it's not terrible.
The sport and fitness section of Dollar Bay is well put together. Everyone works together in sports.
Many of the teachers at Dollar Bay High School are very helpful. They help students when needed, whether it's before class, after class, or even after school.
They challenge you but don't over do it.
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There isn't much bullying. Overall it's great. We are a family.
We don't cook our food. It sits in a warmer.
It's great. We have a lot of ap classes.
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