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I admire the teachers effort to help us understand topics we struggle with, and modifying topics so everyone can understand them no matter what level they are learning on. Doherty should update the overall school sanitary cleanliness, as a safe environment always comes first.
I like the ETA program which is an engineering program they have within the school. It has helped me a lot and i believe its a program worth applying to. DMHS is good on staying on track on seniors with there college work. there's a lot of good teachers that care about you and want you to do better. I would say they could improve by having a diversity day in spirit week instead of USA day. Because not everyone is an American born student. Many would like to show their background and i feel like they don't really have that.
I was not a huge fan of the school. This is mainly since there are no elevators or ramps for students who are in wheelchairs or crutches. That means students on crutches have to go up and down the stairs while students on wheelchairs could not attend the school.
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My experience at Doherty was very good, I arrived without knowing much English, and they gradually helped me to make an effort, and I managed to overcome my fear of speaking English even when I make mistakes, but it was a place where it gave me many opportunities and I It allowed to meet valuable people, good friends.
Doherty is great when it comes to their engineering program which I am a part of. The teachers within it communicate and work well together, forming team projects and things that are nice. While this is good, there is also the fact that the part of the school that isn't the engineering program is failing. The school board struggles with finding proper teachers for subjects like the sciences and the arts. What also makes things worse is how the school as a whole is basically a maze. There are hallways that don't match up/are different sizes, there are room numbers that are out of order, different floors that are on the same floor, and ramps that serve no purpose whatsoever.
Doherty Memorial High School has an even distribution of good and bad teachers. Some are lazy and don’t show up, others genuinely care about their students futures. Aside from the faculty, the school itself is hanging by a thread. They need to throw away the whole building
I think Doherty has a great environment, however there are a lot of kids that go to the school and the class sizes are usually to large.
I loved the Engineering and Technology program at Doherty high school, which is surrounded with highly motivated students who are willing to work as hard as they can. Communication is encouraged always by all the teachers.
The building is decrepit, and needs to be rebuilt. However, the teachers are decent and very nice. The school has lots of diversity, and overall it's a great school to attend.
A poor administration that, instead of encouraging teachers and students to engage themselves across a plethora of subject material, locks them in a box. There is very little communication within the building and not much support for students and teachers alike.
Doherty is a very diverse public high school with many sports and clubs to join. I have received a great education and formed many close relationships with my teachers. I love my friends and the kind smiles I am surrounded by walking through the halls. The only thing I would change about the school would be to make it cleaner and have better food.
I mean if You take honor and Ap classes it’s pretty easy to handle with the people.Im just a sophomore this year and it’s honestly been a great year filled with plenty of volunteer opportunities
My son is an honors student and a three sport varsity athlete. He is supported not only in the classroom, but on the playing field as well. Teachers respond immediately to emails and the environment is most welcoming. He has been able to take AP courses since freshman year and the rigor in his classes are more than preparing him to tackle College academics. He works at least 3 hours on homework each night. The faculty and staff are most supportive and commend students for their achievements. I am proud to say my son attends Doherty Memorial High School!
My Junior year, I had transferred to Doherty Memorial High School. Coming from Fitchburg High ( a smaller sized school) it was nerve-racking going to a bigger populated school such as Doherty. Also keeping in mind that it was my junior year, it was a rather difficult transition. I wasn't ready to leave my peers and start all over. I had just gotten comfortable where I was and that was all going to change. It wasn’t easy making friends, but i found a few people that have made my doherty experience well worth it. The transition was not easy, but i think that was the part that i reflect back on now and appreciate. I believe me going to Doherty was for a reason and now more than ever it has prepared for any difficult situation life may throw at me.
Doherty Memorial High School offers the AVID program which I had attended and committed for the past four years now. It is a program that assesses and push students to not only go to college but have college readiness.
The school is in need of repair and has become much to small for it’s growing population however, that is likely to be fixed within the next 10 or so years.
Doherty was an awesome experience. The teachers made sure that you were college ready as a student as well as the school being very diverse. Their sports programs were top notche despite the lack of funding received from the city.
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Guidance really helped me get classes that i wanted. It brought so much motivation in my life that i am succedding in my major.
I like the diversity at the school. You can really see people of all races, all financial backgrounds, all religions, etc. Some of the teachers are great, and there are 2 in particular that made a huge impact on my life. Biggest issue is that the school is too run-down and decrepit, which should change soon with the introduction of a new school.
School was great to go to. Although, the administration staff could be better. Could be more helpful to students trying to go to college.
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