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The majority of the teachers, from my experience in honors and AP programs, have been great and largely helpful. The building is nice but seems to always have something breaking. Student body and school spirit is strong.
I would like to see the staff be mre involved with communications with all of the students' parents. I would also like to see the staff and counsulers be more involved with the students a little bit.
I graduated DHS in 2013, and I enjoyed my time there. The school is slightly over populated now, and the class sizes are larger than one teacher can possibly handle alone.
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It was a nice school at the time when I was in high school, but with the recent events from my senior year to now it has declined in quality.
Before entering high school, I was the most introverted person you could imagine- the kid who had to have their mom ask an adult where my locker was located. I was shy, emotional, and felt lonely. However, once I attended DHS, I was welcomed with the lovely staff members who only wanted to see me succeed. I was also given the opportunity to participate in activities such as National Honor Society, varsity athletics, mathletes, and chamber orchestra. I am forever grateful for Doherty High School's teachers, administration, security guards, and janitors, as well as my supportive friends. DHS really did set me up for success, and I am now apart of the Colorado College class of 2023. Go Spartans!
I attended Doherty my Senior Of High School and I’ll i can say is I wish I would have transferred there my freshman year.
Doherty is an amazing school that features a wonderful engineering program and provides many opportunities to its students, both academically and athletically.
Doherty High School is a community I am proud to be a part of. For four years I have attended Doherty. I have played sports, made friends, and made many memories and I would not change anything about it. At Doherty each student lives by our mottos "We before me" and "No one out works us." The students act along the mottos as well in times of struggle we band together as a family and support one another.
I have enjoyed my experience at Doherty, we have an amazing staff and friendly students. We need to have better communication at the school.
At Doherty, there is a great amount of diversity among the student body. However, the school is very over populated, and the actual structure of the building is unstable.
The staff at Doherty high school have a very large number who graduated from it. They go to other schools to work but overall return to doherty. This is generally because of doherty's strong school spirit. While during the time you attend it may not seem the best, compared to other schools in the district it is certainly one of the best options.
It was a good place to go to high school. Lots of opportunities and a good community. I really felt like I was a part of the school.
Doherty High School is a unique school to say the least. At Doherty there is a strong emphasis placed on serving others before you serve yourself and that can be seen throughout the school through the things our the students do to help the community and each other. However Doherty is an older school so the building does have a lot of problems that constantly arise throughout the school year. For example, this year an old pipe burst and caused the first floor of the building to flood. This also severely damaged the gym floors. So if I could change anything I would renovate the building.
Doherty High School is what is make it in all honesty. I am probably more self- advocated than most high school students, which has worked very well for me. You have to speak up be at Doherty or you will get ran over. What I mean by ran over is your grades will be put in late, such as some teachers will take over a month to grade certain things unless you say something to them! All four years that I have attended Doherty, my teachers have been great! They want to see me succeed as much as I want to succeed. Safety? It's a joke here. We have security that stays at all doors and we have to scan in and out but that is pretty much it. Being a student, please step out of your comfort zone and attend ALL the games possible! Be social! Enjoy your school year!
My experience is good for the most part. I feel like I received a good education and the teachers are involved. The school welcomes parent involvement. I also feel safe at the school. The school says "We before Me!" and they mean it. The community feel of the school is excellent.
The teachers are amazing and are always willing to help! Going to Doherty for the past 4 years have really opened my eyes. The students are kind, and getting help with a class is no problem! I can say that one thing I dislike is no matter how many classes you take before senior year and you only need a certain amount of credits less than amount of periods (7) you still have to take more ... I know being a full time student is required, but I worked really hard my 3 years and wish I could have more free time.
Doherty Highschool is an amazing school with such a heartwarming friendly environment for anyone who attends. The staff works extremely hard to ensure students have everything they need to succeed, the student body is supportive and the school spirit is up the roof!
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Although the school is a wonderful experience, it has its problems too. The academics could be better and more understanding; a lot of students believe that Doherty puts more money into their Athletics rather than their academics. Doherty could be overall better if it showed more attention to those who score high and inspire other kids to score high as well.
Doherty High School was great for the basic high school experience. I met so many kids from so many backgrounds and learned more lessons in life than academic based. It was a school that I looked forward to attending each morning as it treats its students with respect and gave students earned freedoms. I think it prepared me for life as best as a high school could. It offered opportunities like extra curriculars, and even an AVID program which prepares students for college by teaching them how to transition from high school to college. Overall, I had a great high school experience and am glad that I attended Doherty High School.
My first two years at Doherty were fantastic, filled with livelihood and happiness. After my sophomore year, though, many spirits began to go down and the violence in our area picked up, making people feel unsafe at our school. This year, there seems to be much gang violence. As far as our teachers go, they are great, for the most part. A few teachers seem to have their favorites be one of the popular kids, which makes learning difficult sometimes when you are a band nerd like me. Sometimes, the performing arts are excluded from the crowd, a typical high school feeling. The one thing I can say is that the school spirit we have is phenomenal, and the sports teams receive lots of support. It is a decent school, but has many flaws.
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