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Due to lack of money, there aren't much extracurricular activities. There are sports and a few clubs to choose from.
At the school there are many assemblies and awareness weeks regarding health safety. Staff makes sure students are aware of what could happen and help student good at making decisions. Bullying is hardly ever an issue if it is. Security measures are good.
The teachers do a good job of engaging with the students. A lot of hands on and include art projects with their lesson plans to make it more fun. The workload is never too much to handle. Teachers are always willing to help out wherever they can to help students understand lessons. There aren't very many classes to choose from.
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The food services are okay, the cooks change up the menu all of the time. Most of the time it's just food I don't like, there is nothing wrong with it. There is always salad bar available and fruit.
When I first attended this school, I didn't know what to think because being the new kid is never easy. The staff and students here made the experience easier and I connected with them quickly. This school is small, so everyone knows each other and all students are basically involved in sports. The staff and students are very accepting of different ethnicities, beliefs, and sexualities. If I could do my whole high school experience over again, I would. The memories I have made with my friends and the teachers are irreplaceable. I would not do any of it differently.
For the three sports that we do have, there is a good turnout for the sports. There is always good sportsmanship and team spirit.
Although for a few absurd rules, the school administration has been great. Each staff really cares about the school and the students. Each teacher, the guidance counselor, superintendent, even secratary wants to see the students succeed. Every rle and regulation is strict but fair.
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