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I have attended Dodson High School for all of my high school career. I am on the basketball team and am involved in almost every club on campus. Dodson has an accepting family and community atmosphere. Dodson is a very clean campus with well-mannered students. Although Dodson is a small school, we have a really big heart.
When I moved here in the Eighth grade i was angry. I truly did not want to attend this school due to its bad reputation. Since I have been attending this school i have come to love the environment, teaching staff, and most other things about this school. if I had a chance to live all over again I would not hesitate to attend Dodson H/S.
The majority of our teaching staff at Dodson H/S are impeccable. They show much compassion, not only for their job, but also for their students.Most of the high school teachers would help you with any problem at any point in the day if you called. In fact I have most of their personal phone numbers as a reference for jobs and homework help.
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Our school facility is in great condition; the building are well cared for. We have two computer rooms available with WiFi to anyone who need them. our Science department needs improving.
We, here at Dodson H/S, have a nurse on hand at all days of the week that school is in session. Fighting results in immediate detention and on second offense suspension.
Our school policies are put here to better the students and staff and to keep everyone on track to a better education. I a somewhat displeased that most of these policies are not heavily inforced, some even forgotten.
We have a moderate amount of extracurricular opportunities here at Dodson H/S, however, the clubs and organizations we offer rarely host any activites.
I love Dodson with all my heart. I never want to go anywhere else and I'm glad I didn't.
We don't have the newest stuff, but we love what we have.
All of our teachers are very understanding and helpful.
We have virtually no bullys. Our high school tachers are sort of laid back with dress code but the younger kids have it harder.
For sports we have: Baseball, Softball, Basketball and track. Extracurriculars include FBLA, FCCLA, FCS, BETA, FFA, 4-H and Rodeo.
We have many resources available to use.
We have very good teachers here.
Here at Dodson High School we have very good health and safety policies.
We have very effective school-wide policies that affect the students. We have a very strict dress code.
There are a lot of extracurricular opportunities at Dodson High School. If want to do something here, you can. We have a lot of sport options and club options. It's all very stimulating.
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My experience at Dodson high School has been the best. I would choose this high school every time if were given the chance because not only do I learn things that will help me in my future, I have fun doing it.
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