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Schools attitude about sports is pretty bad meaning they don't really put in the effort to have a good program.
I would say that Dodgeville is a good school overall, with most teachers caring about the well-being of their students, and how their students perform in their classes. However, it is a high school, and comes with the average bullying, cyber-bullying, and bigoted school community members. Especially with being a small town, in sports, the last name of the player matters, and one student can go an entire game without playing because their family isn't native to the town, no matter how good of a player they are. The same applies to the drama department. Though they are more fair, certain students have built names for themselves based on their parents being friends with teachers. So, overall, Dodgeville High School is a good school, just sometimes has questionable morals.
I liked the teachers I had there they allowed me to grow and think on my own. Although many of those same teachers have left the Dodgeville district. If you have an allergy stay clear though I was not helped in any way for my nut allergy there. In one school year alone I was sent to the hospital 7 times I think that even 1 time is to many.
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Dodgeville high school focused on sports, to the detriment of other extracurriculars. Music programs, acting programs, and after-school clubs did not receive nearly as much attention or funding. This sports dominated culture also had a negative effect on the students. Students in sports were given preferential treatment, and many enjoyed relationships with teachers who were also coaches that were reflected in their grades and treatment in the classroom.
Going to school at Dodgeville High School for the past four years has been wonderful. The staff is amazing. They are all very familiar with each other, students, the town itself, and their course material. If you ever need anything, they are always available to help. The building itself is also magnificent. It was just recently remodeled in 2017. It has a modern, sophisticated, and mature flare that is perfect for the learning environment. I have been given so many opportunities at this school, and I guarantee others have, too.
I like how each teacher is different, not one is the same, whether in a bad way or not. The English teachers are some of the most you could ever wish for, they're nerds and geeks, who wI'll go on a rant about the meaning behind a book. Although I do have some I like I wish that other teachers wold be better qualified, some teachers (just like in any other school) just print random assignments based on what we're doing in class and give them to us, which doesn't teach anything but to look up the answer key online, nobody reads the material either, they just skim till they find the word on the worksheet.
During my junior year the school was remodeled with more classrooms, a new library, and all new ceilings, lighting, and flooring. The school is comfortable and safe. The people are friendly and the staff deals with problems professionally. Some of the teachers are great and some of the teachers are not so great, but you'll find that anywhere you go.
I like the diversity of classes provided and the new layout of the school. Most of the teachers are understanding and easy too get along with.
Nice school. Teachers are great about helping students when they need it. Understand problems appropriately. Determined to provide the best atmosphere possible for the students.
I like the learning process of this school. The way teachers explain things are very helpful to many of the students especially the ones whole struggle. I don't like the way this school handles certain situations. This school can make the students feel unsafe depending on the situation as well as the person. I wish this school would make students feel comfortable in this environment rather than punishing them for ridiculous scenarios.
As a recent graduate from DHS I would like to add that I had a great experience here. I will miss the faculty and their guidance as I go on to college. It is terrible to see so many people bash the school district when I know many students have had nothing but positive experiences here. Students have many course options and ways to create their schedule to best meet their needs and desires. Many teachers are comforting when you have a bad day or need help on assignments. The block schedule prepares us for long classes in college and there is plenty of work time in these class periods. DHS teachers are well educated and have the best interest in all students.
Teachers try really hard but we have a lot of new teachers and so many kids don't care at all it somewhat impacts the ones that do.
Comin from a small town we don't have a lot of different cultures and different beliefs but there's many different personalities floating around.
We have a bunch of clubs for every kind of person, some are newer and not the best but we are trying.
Some things in the school board drive me crazy like weird dumb rules but overall we are pretty much free to do whatever as long as you listen and do your work. Parents aren't all that great but a lot of my school is filled with dilenquents who get away with everything. We aren't very good at sports but we try hard to keep our spirits up. We are getting rid of our "dodgeland culture" which is always expecting to fail. Slowly but surely we are turning into a better school. People claim they hate it so much but its because they didn't follow any rules and disrepspected everyone and everything. If you are a good kid and student, dodgeland will be just fine.
Out of all my years, I have only had a handful of teachers who didn't leave an impact on me. 'Psyllium being new teachers who straight up didn't know what hey were doing. Otherwise, every single teacher goes above and beyond to help out if you are there asking for it.
At Dodgeville High School I made some of the best friends I'll ever meet and was influenced by some of the greatest teachers I was lucky enough to have. I'm very proud, specifically, to have come from the DHS musical theatre and drama program, one that I believe self sustains talent and promise from students by instilling leadership and the attributes of a role model into the programs upperclassmen. The faculty of the program, Tamra Novinska and Dan Hemming, have instilled a love for both the finished product of musical theatre and, even more importantly, the long and arduous process of working to create that final goal. Because of the passion instilled in me by my former leaders and peers in this program, I plan to pursue my dream as an actor, one with realistic expectations about what is expected of young talent. All in all, Dodgeville High School instilled in me the ambition that will one day lead me to success.
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Overall this school has been really good in academic circumstances and the teachers are amazing. There is just like the ideas of some students which isn't the fault of the school but just gets out of control.but even through that it is a good experience and there is great athletic programs.
There are many options for students.
I love my school, the education has been great, the people have been great, and I've felt like the teachers just really care.
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