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Dodgeland has good things going for it such as the track and cross country programs, the updated technology and being a 1 to 1 district with iPads. However it is located in a poorer community where school is not the priority for most of the students making it hard for the students who want to do well because there is such a large percentage of underperforming kids and this falls back on the teachers, and staff for allowing this behavior.
If you have an only child, be prepared not to know anything. As an only child myself, I never knew what was going on. It's like everything is kept a secret. Even academic things! Since there is a small staff, which I understand since it's a small school, there aren't that many classes to pick from. So, you can take online classes. Except in other many years, when you asked about them and you were scolded for being curious and you were asked who told you about them. If you have a kid that enjoys music, they're pretty limited to a band, choir, and a small theatre program. This school is pretty much only focused on sports. The diversity is practically non-existent and the culture is also very close minded. The nurse is only there a few days a week and when she is there, shes only there for half a day. There are little to no clubs. There's sports, art club, anime club, FFA, FBLA, NHS, and the musical in the first half of the year.
If the student takes advantage of the opportunities, Dodgeland High School can help you immensely with building your future. The administration does need some improvement, but other than that Dodgeland does offer each student a lot of opportunities.
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Dodgeland has been a great place to call home for the past 13 years. I have never known another school or building from my pre-school days through today as a senior close to graduating. Some staff issues in regards teachers staying from year to year, but the teachers we have currently are phenomenal. Especially recently with their understanding for situations. Absolutely great people to be teaching here.
Dodgeland overall is a good school for the area, but could use some improvements. My biggest issue is that the teachers don’t have high enough certification for the students to earn college credits for their AP classes. They offer the classes but the students don’t get the college credits for them, this mad a lot of people angry and they are making a change to help fix this. Either some teachers have been going back to school or they are leaving the district. The school otherwise is great, the athletics teams are doing well and are fun to participate in. The school includes k-12 but separates them in a good way, each different age group is down a different wing. I liked my high school experience and wouldn’t change where I went.
It's a pretty average small school. I'd say there's only about 300 students in the high school total, so everyone knows each other. The curriculum isn't very hard, unless you take an online course. Teachers are really lenient, which sometimes can be a bad thing.
My school is the most enjoyable place for me. My school is located very near to my home. I love all my teachers. They are very kind and polite in correcting our mistakes. They have never been hard on us. So, we have always tried our best to study well and write our exams well. I am very proud of my school. It is a very unique school for not being very diverse like my school very much.
My time in high school has been enjoyable. Like everyone's high school careers there are ups and downs like a roller coaster. I have been very involved in extracurricular activities. I am in volleyball, basketball, softball, FFA, and FBLA. Being involved in so much has shaped my life to make me who I am today.
Throughout my experience at Dodgeland Highschool has been nothing but great. Dodgeland is a small school so it's just like a big family. Everyone is very hardworking, dedicated, and determined. That's all because of the great staff and faculty provided for us. If I wasn't for them I wouldn't be where I am today. They are always there for the students and want what's best for them. There's not to many things I want to change at Dodgeland other then the food. We have a great facility, decent sports teams, and many different options for extracurriculars and classes. The one thing missing is a better lunch. I know the lunch staff works very hard to make make us lunch each and everyday but the food itself is lacking. It's not necessarily their fail on what they are able to feed us but maybe trying to add more and new options. I'm honored to be apart of the Dodgeland highschool and it is a great school.
I enjoy and look forward to going to school everyday. I feel I am a part of the school and will make a difference. However sometimes we have trouble with harassment and hurtful actions.
Teachers need to do a better job in motivating the students for aspiring their lifelong dreams and making their lives the best they can
The academic organizations or fun options are mostly funded by students parents, the school lacks in giving students extra time for betterment
At the high school level the teachers do not care about students academic education
The bullying is terrible at the school
The school is very poorly ranked in the U.S.
Dodgeland doesn't offer very many option for after school activities. There are sports but very basic and minimal options. A few clubs meet after school but are also very limited. The limitations are mainly just because our school is really small so there just aren't enough students to have a lot of different options, or there would be barely any kids in each activity.
I wouldn't want to go here because it's a small school. I would want to go to a bigger school.
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Most of the teachers overall are good.
The people here are great and the experience is great.
The teachers work hard to promote a safe and smart class room.
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