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Dodgeland Elementary School Reviews

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The teachers are the people that drive the school and the students to succeed!
The elementary and middle school guidance counselor is extremely caring and helpful, and the same goes for the school superintendent. However there is an obvious disregard when it comes to the elementary and middle school principals. If you're not part of the "network" they both don't handle situations accordingly. It's sad when some students have to suffer due to them neglecting the issue at hand.
The teachers go above and beyond, when it comes to each student they teach!
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There are no after-school activities other than one thing that I am aware of for the elementary school. However some of the options that are available, are too cliquey; so if your not somebody in that school, they won't include you or make sure to make you not feel welcome.
They don't have a fence around the playground, so the children might venture onto the highway. There is not enough staff on hand to observe the bullying that goes on with the number of kids. The elementary school has not sufficiently handled the issues with bullying at the school, whether to the other students, faculty or parents.
There a lot of bullying that goes on at this school. The elementary school principal does take anything serious. She only care about herself.
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