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Dodge County High School Reviews

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I like how safe it was and how the employees and teachers are very caring and dedicated to teach you. I don't think theres anything I would change about my school.
I personally enjoyed my experience at Dodge County High School. I feel that this school adequately prepared me for college. To improve Dodge County high school, I would like to see more fine arts programs like an auditorium because they do not currently have one, but Dodge County High School has many talented students. I would also like to see more AP options for students who may not be ready to take college classes but want an opportunity for college credit.
DCHS is pretty bad, the teachers are not very engaging or motivating, the students don't care about the future, and the food sucks. If you think of moving here, just go to West Laurens or Jeff Davis
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There are some great teachers there and then there are some terrible teachers there they need to fix the food it's just plan out nasty they need to get rid of JROTC because its a school but they treat the program like it's real they do too much
My experience at Dodge County High School was amazing. The school setting was small and quiet. The entire school was like one big family that wanted to take care of you. The faculty and staff were all really nice and truly wanted the best for you. I was given many opportunities here that have helped me succeed in many ways at college.
Dodge County High School is a public high school located in Eastman, Georgia. They provide students with several opportunities to help them get prepared for life after high school. The teachers teach directly from the standard to prepare the students for the milestone test and college. For instance, they provide students with various gifted classes. They work with Georgia Military College to allow students to take college courses on the high school campus. They inform their students about scholarships over the intercom to help them save money when applying for college. Dodge County High School allowed me to receive almost two years of college during high school and save thousands of dollars. I would definitely recommend my high school to anyone because I have had the best experience I could ever ask for here.
My experience in dodge county high school was great .I am truly glad to forever be a dodge Indian.i would like to see the cell phone rule change .otherwise ill miss my teachers that gave me encouragement and worked hard with is an honor to be a graduate of 2018 and finally have my chance to live my moment of throwing my cap to the sky and turning to see my classmates one more time before we part.
Dodge County High is ran sort of strictly, it's kind of hard for students to express emotions there. There is good things like getting awarded with prizes such as money, gift cards, and sweets for having good grades, discipline, and attendance.
I love almost everything about Dodge County High School. The learning enviroment is great. No one ever feels left out, they have something for everybody. We can express ourselves without the feeling of being judged. The administrators handle discipline problems how they are suppose to. All teachers care about the students and try to help when they can. There isn't a day that I came and haven't felt safe. At lunch, there is a suggestion box so they can hear our ideas, which is my favorite thing. I've attended this school for four years and I don't have anything bad to say about Dodge County High School.
I would like to see DCHS care more about students than about money. They lack care for individual students and focus more on trying to save a buck. Many of the items students use at Dodge County High School are outdated and do not work. The Move On When Ready students at Dodge County High School are treated as though they do not exist by administration and faculty. Overall my experience at Dodge County has been poor at best. The only good thing Dodge County has to offer is sports.
what i like about dodge county high school is the overall indian pride,power,and dedication the students have for the school.the principal and teachers do whatever they can to make sure no child is left behind.i would like to see a change in better food options in the lunchroom.
Dodge County High School is an amazing school. The support received from the encouraging staff daily is incredible. The only area that I think could be improved would be the addition of more college readiness courses.
There was a good amount of clubs at this school. There were often events and fundraisers for various organizations. It was usually the same people doing the same thing every year, however.
There is very high school spirit for athletic events and very high investment in sports. Other extracurricular activities are encouraged, but do not take the forefront at the school. It is very possible to have a good, friendly relationship with all the staff and to be comfortable talking to them.
All the teachers I had enjoyed what they taught and were knowledgeable about the subject. My main complaint is that most of the classes had a formula which made it easy to not really pay attention. It was a lot of short term memory rather than applicable lessons.
Most parents really dont care so the teachers do what they can to keep kids in school.
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The teachers here, really love their jobs and students!
It's not the best school in the world but its good.
Dodge County High School offers an arrange of classes such as drama, speech, advanced placement courses, and technology. So far my years at this school have been memorable, even my freshman year was great! Most of my teachers create the best learning atmosphere for their students: relaxed and structured. The teachers are willing to work with a student one on one in order to help them achieve success in the class. If I could do my four years again, I would stick to Dodge County ,with its offers of independence and creative liberties. My school's number one goal is to graduate everyone and in everything they do, teachers or faculty, they do it for students to be successful in life.
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