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Dodge City High School is enjoyable. It is a school where people can come together in more ways you can imagine. The school itself offers a plethora of sports and extracurricular activities ranging from baseball to forensics. Unfortunately, our minds aren't getting as much exercise as our bodies. The curriculum needs to be more challenging as to prepare us for college. Courses that include more application to the real-world rather than textbook applications, and less memorization.
My experience with the high school was pretty decent, although I had struggled here and there. But, I was surprised at how much the school has changed over the year as well as the classrooms. I’m glad that the school decided to make some changes for th students and also help students with directing them onto the right path, and helping them with whatever they need planned for their future.
Overall my experience with the Dodge City High School has been phenomenal. They offer opportunities for students to shadow certain facilities to see what they have to offer. The new wing that was built this year has allowed the high school to add new classes.
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Dodge City High School is a very good school. The teachers are very fair in the way of, if you are giving your best effort in their class, then they’ll help you as much as possible. Just like any school, there are the mean, unhelpful teachers. There are also the mean students, but there are places in the school to help deal with them and I feel they do a good job.
It was because of this school I got to have friends. Meeting all the teachers and experiencing how to be ready when you get older and prepare you for what’s up ahead.
From being a student and now being an employee there this has one of the best person to run the high school. They want to make sure we meet all the needs of every student in the building. They care for staff.
I like how this high school has enough clubs and activities for everyone to find something that they enjoy doing.
I loved the many opportunities that Dodge City High School provided for me throughout my four years of high school. I was satisfied with my experience and would love to see Dodge City High School continue to give great experiences to future leaders in our community.
Dodge City High school does a very good job on keeping students on track for their desired career path and helps them prepare for their choice of higher education. The programs are advanced and help simulate real world experiences that the students will encounter in their future.
I like the classes I was able to take and that the teachers there were all fairly nice and supportive of you. You could go up to most of them and ask them anything you want, and they will most likely be happy to help. I do wish that there would have been more classes involving computers and such, like programming.
I have loved Dodge City High School. I would recommend it to anyone, it is a very family oriented place. There are so many opportunities on the technical classes and they really care about preparing you for the real world. A thing I didn't enjoy was our lack of amazing sports teams the past two years. The band at Dodge City High School is nationally known and performs very impressive marching shows.
Teachers were very caring and involved. Not much being done about rowdy students who either held up class or were constantly fighting in the Hall ways.
Dodge City High School is a great school! Great is an understatement, it is a school that cares for each and every student. Everybody at the school makes a big difference and the entire school really cares about diversity and how everyone can come together as more than a school. My experience with this school has been the best, something that I couldn't expect with other schools I've been to. In conclusion, Dodge City High School is a small school but contains a big heart of which we are all a part of.
I really enjoyed the teachers at DCHS. Many of them were very open and willing to help if you were struggling and try to keep the environment a friendly, studious one. One thing I wish they would improve on would be preparation for school and life after high school. The college preparation and scholarship preparation was around, but not the extent that was helpful to me. So if preparation for college and life after high school was improved, I think the school would have a very good environment and helpful atmosphere
The halls are way too crowded, the students are written up for showing up to class late; but most of the time it really isn't their problem. Most of the staff is friendly and enjoys seeing students learn and grow!
I liked the school spirit everyone has. I think the teacher were great and were always there to help.
The faculty is often willing to help students. I would say that the classes that are offered other than the AP courses don't really prepare the students for the rigors of college classes.
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I liked the honors and AP classes that the school offered. They helped me progress and prepare for college classes. The only thing that I would change would be for the school to resolve the traffic issues that are sometimes making students late to school.
I liked the nice students, and welcoming teachers. I also enjoyed the very healthy selection of lunch options, as well as clean bathrooms. There are very cooperative teachers and the grading system is very simple yet efficient.
This was one of the most diverse schools that I had ever attended with consideration of a Colorado high school. There was a large mix of students and the atmosphere created allowed for students to become success in their futures.
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