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Dodea Virtual High School Reviews

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It was a good experience. However, my teacher was in a different time zone so it was much harder to communicate.
The classes are tough, but were virtual classes ever made to be easy? No, the difficulty of the classes is insane though with some extreme time management needed to pass in some. As for the others they understand that you don't have that period every day. I feel like this should be a constant amongst all of the classes that they understand our schedules before they try making us understand all of their dates and reasonings.
Dodea Virtual High School provides a great opportunity for students who need to take extra classes or want to take classes during the summer.
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Though the teachers have many students, they care about each individual and their success. I would recommend taking an online course in the Dodea System.
I liked the AP courses I took through this program because the teachers are very knowledgeable and prepare you very well for the test. I heard many complaints about Ms. (Yunis?).
I liked how I could work ahead in case something came up and I couldn't do the work at that specific time. Virtual School was nice and helped prepare me for what some of my college courses were going to be like.
I really love DODEA school. I had a great time here and it was very fun. I would like the policies to be a bit more relaxed but it wasn’t that bad.
The two teachers that I have had at the DoDEA Virtual High School were absolutely outstanding. They were very organized, easy to talk to, and helpful. While the DVHS is very different from a traditional classroom, I have loved every second of it.
Taking an online class can be challenging, but most teachers are very nice and keep up a good level of communication with students.
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