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Doddridge County High School Reviews

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There were some teachers I had in high school who did everything they could to see me succeed, while there were others who did the bare minimum. The administration is a joke. Too political and not enough about education.
Doddridge schools have wonderful teachers who try to do anything for their students. The curriculum is improving but still needs more diversity in electives. The arts are in need of more funding but the money isn't there. My favorite thing is marching and concert band, there is opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.
The school did not understand military students and had no concept of how to deal with military families. I was called to the front office one day and asked if I needed speech therapy solely because a teacher had never heard me, a student naturally inclined to be quiet, speak. And instead of coming to me, assumed I was mute.
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Doddridge County Schools need to reinforce their anti bullying campaigns; they also need to make sure all students receive an equal punishment. Some students get away with more due to who their parents are.
My favorite aspects of Doddridge County High School would be sports and the level of connectivity. In each and every sport everyone enjoys themselves as they grow better mentally and physically. Each student works together very well as not only a team but as a massive family. At the same time, this is not a big school (less than 400 people), so everyone knows each other which makes it easier to get along with individuals and learn more about them. Unlike larger schools, in this high school students and faculty are fortunate enough to create unique relationships on more personal levels since there are less students to keep track of. If I had to see anything change about this high school, I would say it needs to be more college ready and actually enforce deadlines for assignments with follow up consequences if the deadline is not met.
The administration needs to change. The principal and assistant principal are the biggest bullies in the school. They bully the teachers and do not inform them of important details that could determine how safe the school is. Problem students are encouraged to drop out snd get their GED. There are good teachers but you they are often unhappy due to the administration. Parents are treated like idiots and discouraged from being involved.
I think the school over al is great.. yes it has its flaws but its still great
There is a fair amount of bullying and discrimination at this school, mostly by the students, rarely (but still done) by teachers. There is pretty much always an officer in the building, and there are random searches every so often. The school nurse here also works for the elementary and middle school as well, so she isn't always at the school, but can easily get to the school if need be. If you are part of a minority, you may not feel safe here due to how a good amount of the student body is towards them. It isn't all of them, no, but it is enough to where it may not be safe for you, at least mentally.
There are a good choice of clubs at this school, like the leo club, Friends of Rachel, newspaper, etc.
My experience here has been okay overall. I've had a few really good teachers here, one who even takes time out of her weekend to tutor students if they need it. There's also a really close knit community here, so almost everyone knows each other, or at least has some idea of who you are. The school is fairly small, which in some ways is really nice, but also leaves less of a variety of clubs or some other extracurricular activities that some other, larger, schools may have. I honestly have no idea whether I would choose to go here again or not, because I feel rather neutral to it.
Most of the teachers do a really good job at teaching, while others may not.
The teachers here are excellent. Most go above and beyond to help the students if they are struggling. They take time out of their day to help, they will stay after school or give up lunch to help. they have very relatable teaching styles. The Teacher will curve their teaching ways a little to help in the best possible way and we as the students here know at anytime is having an issue with something in our lives the teachers are more then willing to help us or just listen to us talk.
Our school has a number if safety measures to follow. We have a very serious anti-bullying program that uplifts the spirits of our school. We also have many security requirements such as searches with metal detectors, police, and police dogs. We have drills often and we have a school officer who is present throughout the school day and after school events such as games.
Extracurricular activities at my school range from sports such as cheerleading, cross country, football, volleyball, basketball, track, and softball to band and clubs like Dogs On God's Side, Raze, Leo, National Honor Society, Student Council, Future Farmers of America, Spanish, and 4-H club.
I have participated in four sports throughout high school and have also participated in band and five clubs/organizations. I am in the top 3 of my class academically and have enjoyed the past four years at Doddridge County High School.
I take advanced placement classes along with college classes and all of my teachers go above and beyond go help me when needed and to teach to the best of their ability.
Doddridge County High School is a good school to go to if you are looking to attend a small school. This is the only high school in the county, therefore, mostly everyone knows each other. The school does lack in number of students with athletic ability. if you are one of those that is athletic, this is not a school that recruiters will likely concentrate on.
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I would say that out of most of the schools around where I live this is the school that makes you feel included. There are always going to be the kids who bully and pick on people but at this schools it's pretty rare and people usually take you in fairly quickly. If you come from a different school it's hard not to feel included and I hope everyone really feels that way.
I've lived in Doddridge all my life. It's a great school but I don't think ill send my kid's there when I have some.
We are a small rural school. Athletics are a main source of activity
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