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It is a very good school, our sports are fantastic, we recently got a robotics program, our band is phenomenal, and our FFA students are very driven.
At Dodd City everyone knows everybody which gives the students a feeling of safty and belonging. Being a small school everyone has to work together, which is why students interact with one another so well. For example, more than half the kids in athletics are also part of the band program. We all support one another the best we can. The athletic program is excellent! The girls basketball team has gone to state two years in a row and the softball team has made it once, which is a huge deal for a 1a school. Also, the teachers are outstanding and extremely involved in the educational growth of the students. The teachers are pretty strict, but they help the students get ready for college by pushing them to make good grades and to be responsible for their actions.
Lots of friends were made, but it was more like a family with your class.
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DC ISD is one of the best schools in Fannin County. Academically speaking, classes are small and each student can have individual attention where is needed. Athletically, it is easy to be involved in sports. There have been many winning teams in the past and a huge fan support.
My high school is one that emphasizes the academic side of school, while keeping their students in line by getting them involved in sports. They now have a strong security system to help prevent unwanted people from entering the building. There is a wonderful atmosphere to the school that seems to shout greatness. I made the right choice when I decided to transfer to Dodd City ISD and I would do it all over again if I had to.
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