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I feel like Doctors charters is a great school for those who want to be academically challenged, and those students who love small school and like being known. I have been a student here since 7th grade and I love it. I know who i can always talk to as in teachers
This school takes the kids to run out to the street , sometimes they are not even aware of cars approaching, they run under rain, thunder and lighting , I wonder what is the school liability if something happens to these kids during school hours while outside the school walls!
My experience at Doctors Charter School of Miami Shores has been a exciting journey. I would say this school will help you for college readiness and it has grown and succeeded in so many ways since I've been there.
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I would recommend for you to bring your child for middle school but take them out for high school. As it is NOT a good high school experience at all. There is a huge lack of college classes (when this is supposed to be a "college prepratory school"), lack of extracurricular activities and clubs, lack of sports, and lack of electives. There are plenty of good teachers but also very bad ones that don't know how to do their jobs, and were clearly hired because this school has no money. Regarding the lack of money at this school... the food at this school is barely edible, our bathrooms are extremely unhygenic and the students are forced to change in there as well, there was also a moment when they didn't give the teachers copy paper... and even more events because of lack of money. The administration is one of the main causes of the downfall of this school and I do believe that the school can get better and improve with a change of leaders.
Overall DCS is a trash school please don’t let your kids come anywhere near this school.The only thing that’s good about this school is the teachers but now there’s getting worse as time goes by.If anything just let your child come for middle school and leave for high-school to get a really high-school experience.Our food.....wack our bathrooms.....wack or administrators......wack.Please don’t come.
Doctors Charter School is a good school. The academics and safety are it’s greatest strengths in my opinion. I wish there were a wider variety of classes such as having a different language class besides Spanish. One main problem I have is the lack of resources the school has . We don’t have locker rooms to change for P.E, an auditorium or a gymnasium, a proper track , a proper sports field, etc. Overall, the size of the whole campus is very restricting and doesn’t allow for many resources that many other high schools have . Also, the uniform code is too strict, in my opinion. If we were a private school, I would understand but since we’re a public school I wish the code was more flexible . The staff control everything down to the colors of your headband and that just feels restricting having every little thing about even your accessories controlled. The majority of the teachers are amazing and really care about each student and try to help you out as best as they can.
I personally do NOT like this school, and I would recommend parents to stray away from applying for your children to attend this school. They do not support their students accedmically, and I can confidently say that I am the only reason that I have made it this far. I am glad that I am finally free of this place.
I feel that this school has raised many well educated, amazing people. It is a fairly small school so the student body is very close-knit. I just wish that there were more clubs, classes, and programs that helped students express themselves and ease students into adult life. For example, a work-study program so that seniors that have completed the majority of their credits have the opportunity to leave school early to go to work instead of taking unnecessary electives.
I personally would never recommend any student coming to this school. This school claims to be college preparatory but fails to meet that standard by a number of means. This school is so stuck up with their image, that academic excellence only matters to them if its completely beneficiary to them (with no strings attached). Never send your kids there, and be glad that you read this message.
There is not anything I admire about Doctors Charter School, however, the school should focus on expanding their resources, institution size, and class selections for future students. Because as it is now, the administration does not seem to care much about that and do not seem to be want to change anything that will benefit the school. They are just fed upon stupid things like uniform pants.
I’m a senior at Doctors Charter School and I have been going to the school for the past 6 years. To sum up my experience, it has been a great few years and while the teachers are iffy at best the overall experience is one the a child should have and enjoy.
The small campus size at the school makes it so that you are familiar with everyone. Teachers know your name and are readily available should you need any help. DCS could improve by creating more school events, such as pep rallies and events. It would also be nice for the school to coordinate community events.
Doctors Charter is a diverse school that works for its students exceed the need high school requirements so they can go off to splendid colleges.
While Doctors Charter School’s small classroom size increases the teachers ability to work with the students, their are very few classes offered, and they will hold you back by giving you ridiculous classes such as “Leadership Development” to keep you from advancing beyond what the school can offer. The academic rigor here is not very challenging. Each student ends up taking classes that the majority of their peers are taking regardless of what they would like to take.
I enjoyed my self while I was there because there was many activities . However the administration department is rude , they hired Several principles all in which was not suited for the job
DCS is a good school. It needs much more affordable activities, including field trips and dances. These activities, mostly the dances - such as prom or homecoming- need to be more organized and fun for the students. It is obvious that Doctors Charter is somewhat of a low - budget type of school, but fundraisers would really help with these things. But, the field trips are very extravagant. Even though they are offered once a year, you will get the opportunity to travel to places like France, Italy, Switzerland, Dubai, and alots of other places. These trips may be costly, but it is worth it. Also, the teachers are very great and it is an overall good school - especially for preparing for college.
Doctors Charter School is a great school to put your child in for middle school because it’ll give them guidance and discipline. It is a small school so there is more focus on your child’s needs. However, when it comes to high school, it isn’t rigorous and there aren’t many options for AP and daul enrollment classes which is essential for boosting your child’s GPA, earning free college credits, and preparing them for their college experience. 2/5 stars.
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Overall, my seven years at Doctors Charter School were quite stressful, but in a good way. Every year I experienced something unique, especially when I got to high school. I was involved in the music program for about five years and I would have to say it was the highlight of my time there. Improvements can be made with school events. I suggest they sponsor events more often because with the workload students are given, they deserve stress relief.
DCS is overall a boring school. The facility does not care about the students opinions which is ironic because they are constantly trying to better the school but “better” the school in ways that are uncalled for
I believe that the middle school students should be separated from the high school students. With that being said I would also change a few teachers or the poor choices they make when choosing teachers. There’s the teacher that has no clue what he’s doing. I really wish I was making this stuff up. Then, there are the teachers who are out to get you. Which brings me to another type of teacher—the entitled and ageist teacher.
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