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This has been a great school throughout my four years of high school. Dock is a heavily faith based community, and most teachers don't really notice or seem to Care as much about the kids that aren’t in one of the Mennonite cliques. The kids are great, and grade by grade each class is different. Academically, this is a great school, and most of the teachers want to see you succeed, but there’s not enough college preparation for juniors and seniors I think. They could have a lot more guidance or help than they do now, but I know they’re willing to help if they get asked. There’s a lot of service trips and such that I feel like don’t really have a purpose other than to look good for Dock.
I loved the small class sizes and the willingness of teachers to have meaningful relationships with their students. We were given a lot of freedom as high school students which helped you to mature and grow. There were many opportunities to pursue that you may not have been able to do had you gone to a bigger public school.
My girls are thriving and I love it!!! Must see campus!!!! The teachers and administration have been so supportive and communication has been a strength!!
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What I love most about Dock is the close knit community and student to teacher ratio. Because of the small class sizes, I was able to build a personal relationship with everyone in my grade—something that’d be impossible if I went to a larger public school. Along with the social aspect, Dock also taught me how to challenge myself.
A wonderfully supportive community of teachers, administrators, and parents. An absolutely beautiful campus. Big enough to offer diversity and choices, but small enough to make your own niche and not feel lost. Have had 2 graduate from there, and the next one continues to thrive there.
Great school!! Caring faculty and awesome facilities. Your children will thrive in this Christ-centered community.
We enjoyed the school and the opportunities afforded at Dock. It was also nice that the class sizes are smaller, and the students get more personalized attention. The feeling of a community is evident throughout the staff and students.
The teachers and staff were incredibly helpful and kind every day. The students were motivated both inside and outside the classroom to be the best they can be. I was also well prepared for the College work load by the teachers. The class sizes were small and allowed for more attention from teachers.
Dock has provided a great launching point for all three of our children. Both campuses offer exceptional facilities with strong academics in a loving, Christ centered community!
Dock's campus is like a small college. There are beautiful buildings and the grounds are well kept. The Art Building, turf stadium, and new science center are highlights for me. The faculty overall is great. You'll never find a school without at least one teacher that you disagree with, but my overall experience with faculty was excellent. I've kept up ongoing relationships through email with some of my teachers.
Dock Mennonite Academy is an awesome environment to learn in. The stunning campus has a pond, new buildings, a turf field, and sidewalks lined with trees. The teachers care about all the students and put effort into helping them learn. The students are all pretty involved and there is a variety of clubs/activities to try. Sports are a great way to meet new people and kids have a lot of fun with them.
It’s a very good school, but the student body keeps getting smaller, which mean a lackluster social life for people who aren’t especially outgoing.
I have had several children go through over the years and am very satisfied overall. Excellent safe facilities, superior technology compared to other schools of its kind. Great teachers, many who have been there a long time which speaks well of the place. Longevity of teachers sometimes works against using technology well however.

Frustrated by leadership pandering to views of a vocal monitory of wealthy\powerful families, over a more progressive majority.

Successful Mennonite businesses in the area give a lot of money to the school, along with churches helping pay for their students.

They say they are Anabaptists, but some actions do not support Anabaptist teachings. Riding the fence to please everyone has negative consequences long term and that falls squarely on administration.

Merging Christoper Dock with PennView Christian to form Dock Mennonite Academy a couple years ago has also done damage to the high school’s reputation and overall financial health.
The amount of racism and homophobia that I witnessed and experienced as a student was incredible. They allowed hate speech and racist symbols knowing full well that they had LGBT+ and POC students attending.
The favoritism was apparent. If you don't go to one of the specific churches connected with the school then you are basically out of the elite education you are paying so much for. The rules and regulations were sexist towards female students, and many of their chapels encouraged rape culture. They push building families on their female students over pursuing careers, and do nothing to prevent bullying beyond their conflict resolution class which sets you up for a lifetime of being a victim to the abuse of others. It took me a lot of therapy and self discovery to undo what they did, and I still have a way to go.
My daughters had an excellent experience at Dock and both were admitted to highly competitive schools. I love that teachers at Dock educate the whole person, and they are both better for it!
My experience at Dock as a student was incredible. From establishing life long friendships with my classmates and teachers to traveling to Europe for two weeks with the Touring Choir, I have many highlights that I could share. The high quality teachers (that teach much more than just lessons in their subject area) and awesome campus are just a couple reasons why I can't wait to send my own kids to Dock some day.
We feel incredibly blessed for our children to attend Dock. They all have had a great experience and the care they have received is amazing. The campus, the teachers, the community is so inviting. Our oldest is now in college and some of her college professors have remarked about how well prepared she is for her courses. She credits Dock for this.
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Dock Mennonite Academy faculty and staff continually go above and beyond to help my son grow both academically and spiritually. I am thankful for the time and energy they invest in each and every one of their students. As an alumni, I can affirm the strong academic offerings, competitive sports teams for the size of the school including multiple state championships at the HS level, as well as the unique learning opportunities and service trips incorporated in the curriculum which have all played a huge role in shaping me into the person I am today.
As parents of three students who had the whole Dock experience, we are very satisfied with the program at Dock. Would encourage anyone seeking a quality Christian education to check out Dock.
My experience at Dock Mennonite Academy was one to remember. I always hear about students after they graduate do not stay in contact with their peers, but it isn't that way at Dock. Yes, most people you lose contact with but I have developed solid relationships with the people at high school and even the teachers that they still remember, care and keep in contact with you. When I go back for sports events the teachers and students who I went to school with genuinally care about you and what you are doing after graduating. It was and still is a caring environment!