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Overall, the number of AP classes and other opportunities to help prepare for college are top-notch. The arts programs (Band, Orchestra, Choir) are really good, as the band is sixth in the nation and the choir attended the Inaugural National Choir festival recently.

However, there is simply not enough study time during the day. There is a complication with students "misusing" study time (we call it Tribe Time here), yet those are only a few students that affect over 2,000 students at DB. Homeroom is just nonsense during the school year, and that needs to be fixed.
This school does a really good job preparing their students for college. There are several certification programs in the CTE building. STEM is pushed a lot. There are great music programs. There are a lot of clubs and activities.
I would like for there to be more thought gone in to the music programs other than band. There is not enough support in the other programs, and there should be a more selective process for picking faculty, like for the orchestra.
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Need to focus more on academics at the school. Science Hill has more national merit finalist and higher act scores because the school puts the kids first and is willing to do anything to get them ahead. DB will never be great because everyone is a rule follower.
Dobyn's Bennett was very different from previous schools in the fact that it seemed very much like a college. The teachers were often very involved in the student's life after college and always willing to recommend recommendation letters. The school offered a variety of classes willing to compensate for everyone's academic skills. I was involved in extra-curricular activities of the school and can confirm that it was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.
At Dobyns Bennett, the teachers are great. They all have friendly and outgoing characteristics which make classes bearable. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about DB.
My overall experience at Dobyns Bennett High School was a great one. The opportunities that I had there were incredible. I was able to take as rigours or simple of a class load as I pleased, and there was a plethora of activities and clubs to get involved in. One of my favorite parts of DB was the teachers. Most of my teachers were very kind to me and really helped me to learn throughout my high school experience. The athletics at DB are also pretty good. Dobyns Bennett is known by the community around it by their athletics. There is tons of different sports options with many members in whatever athletic you choose to participate in. Dobyns Bennett is a very good high school with very competitive academics.
Dobyns Bennet is centered around student success providing quality teachers and classes that are helpful for preparing for any endeavor the students have in mind .The teachers are always helpful and ready to answer questions deterring anyone from getting left behind in the schools wide assortment of classes . Outside the classroom, groups like the robotics club at the school provides access to items like 3-D printers and a plethora of other tools that can be seen even at colleges giving participants a feel for the engineering field. Other groups like the science Olympiad team or school yearbook club also provides students with a way to apply their interests and skills. Additionally, the athletic sports prove to be numerous here as it features track , lacrosse, football, and all kinds of sports with experienced coaches to lead them. Overall, Dobyns Bennet provides an excellent reservoir of academic ,recreational, and athletic sources to sate ones interests.
Amazing band, teachers, and opportunities to excel. The teachers foster relationships with each student, so a massive school feels a little less massive. However there are the opportunities of a big school so I am able to be in a nationally recognized band and have the resources to learn and get ready for college or my dream job. That’s
There are very few kind teachers at this school. Many are very rude, impatient, and unforgiving. For example, the AP English teacher that I was unfortunate enough to learn under told me, after I begged her for help on my essays, that "you either have it or you don't, and you don't." This devastated me, but I went on to dual enrollment English and aced the course, along with Calculus. Another experience came from the AP U.S. Government teacher who announce mine and my sisters grades out loud to the class, especially if our grades were bad. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL.
I loved Dobyns Bennet. It was a good experience for me. They offer a lot of classes that help guid people in life.
I liked the people and almost all of my teachers here. I would like to see more student activities happen throughout the year. My favorite thing about the school is how ready and prepared I feel for college through my classes.
DBHS is a high ranked school in Tennessee academically and sports. I am currently a Senior in the Excel program. I love this school because of the classes that are offered and available. The guidance counselors are always helping to make sure you receive the education to succeed for college bound students. They make sure everything is in line for applying for college and financial aid to obtain your college career. I would highly recommend this HS.
Dobyns Bennett High School has been such an excellent experience for me. The caring staff and many advanced opportunities give each student the best chances to excel in their future.
Dobyns- Bennett High School has offered a lot of classes to help prepare for college. The atmosphere is supportive. The baseball team is a successful program with a long win streak.
Dobyns- Bennett has a strong academic program and offers a lot of AP classes to help prepare for the next level of college classes. The STEM focus is evident with involvement with local industry like Eastman Chemical Co, Ballad Health and BAE.
Dobyns Bennett High School is a wonderful place to learn and find your place in the world. The teachers and faculty are dedicated to helping students succeed in and out of the classroom as well as on and off the field. The only thing I wish was different about Dobyns Bennett is the school culture. While most of them still exist, there are only a handful of school traditions.
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Great teacher that care for there kids. Plenty of challenging courses to prepare you for college. The city puts plenty of money towards education
I have had a fun experience going to Dobyns-Bennett. My friends and I always have a good time going to sports activities and supporting our peers. The rigorous academics and choices of classes has really provided me with great readiness for college.
I liked most of the teachers are very caring. There is a place for everyone in this school. However, I would like to see a change in there being more classes based on the major you want to do. For example, there are no animal courses to take anymore. So the people that want to go into the Veterinary field can't get any school experience before hand.
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